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WMShell(3)                      LessTif Manuals                     WMShell(3)


WMShell - window-manager shell widget from the X toolkit


#include <X11/Shell.h>


WMShell is a widget which is defined in the X Toolkit. We document its existence here for completeness. Please refer to the X Window System documentation for the real information regarding this widget.


Name Class Type Default Access ------------------------------------------------------------------------ XtNtitle XtCTitle String (null) CSG XtNtitleEncoding XtCTitleEncoding Atom NULL CSG XtNwmTimeout XtCWmTimeout Int 5000 CSG XtNwaitforwm XtCWaitforwm Boolean NULL CSG XtNtransient XtCTransient Boolean NULL CSG XtNbaseWidth XtCBaseWidth Int 135884268 CSG XtNbaseHeight XtCBaseHeight Int 135884268 CSG XtNwinGravity XtCWinGravity Gravity NULL CSG XtNminWidth XtCMinWidth Int 135884268 CSG XtNminHeight XtCMinHeight Int 135884268 CSG XtNmaxWidth XtCMaxWidth Int 135884268 CSG XtNmaxHeight XtCMaxHeight Int 135884268 CSG XtNwidthInc XtCWidthInc Int 135884268 CSG XtNheightInc XtCHeightInc Int 135884268 CSG XtNminAspectX XtCMinAspectX Int 135884268 CSG XtNminAspectY XtCMinAspectY Int 135884268 CSG XtNmaxAspectX XtCMaxAspectX Int 135884268 CSG XtNmaxAspectY XtCMaxAspectY Int 135884268 CSG XtNinput XtCInput Bool NULL CSG XtNinitialState XtCInitialState InitialState NULL CSG XtNiconPixmap XtCIconPixmap Bitmap NULL CSG XtNiconWindow XtCIconWindow Window NULL CSG XtNiconX XtCIconX Int 135884268 CSG XtNiconY XtCIconY Int 135884268 CSG XtNiconMask XtCIconMask Bitmap NULL CSG XtNwindowGroup XtCWindowGroup Window NULL CSG XtNclientLeader XtCClientLeader Widget NULL CSG XtNwindowRole XtCWindowRole String (null) CSG XtNurgency XtCUrgency Boolean NULL CSG XtNtitle XtNtitleEncoding XtNwmTimeout XtNwaitforwm XtNtransient XtNbaseWidth XtNbaseHeight XtNwinGravity XtNminWidth XtNminHeight XtNmaxWidth XtNmaxHeight XtNwidthInc XtNheightInc XtNminAspectX XtNminAspectY XtNmaxAspectX XtNmaxAspectY XtNinput XtNinitialState XtNiconPixmap XtNiconWindow XtNiconX XtNiconY XtNiconMask XtNwindowGroup XtNclientLeader XtNwindowRole XtNurgency


Object(3) Rect(3) UnNamedObj(3) Core(3) Composite(3) Shell(3) WMShell(3)




LessTif Project October 1998 WMShell(3)

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