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Widget(n)                          [incr Tk]                         Widget(n)

See the file man.macros.


Widget - base class for mega-widgets within a frame


itk::Archetype <- itk::Widget


background cursor See the "options" manual entry for details on the standard options.


The Widget class inherits everything from the Archetype class, and adds a Tk frame called the "hull" component to represent the body of the mega-widget. The window class name for the hull is set to the most- specific class name for the mega-widget. The protected variable itk_interior contains the window path name for the "hull" component. Derived classes specialize this widget by packing other widget components into the hull. Since the hull for the Widget class is implemented with a Tk frame, mega-widgets in the Widget class can be packed into other frames and toplevels.


Name: hull Class: Frame The "hull" component acts as the body for the entire mega- widget. Other components are packed into the hull to further specialize the widget.


The following example implements a simple TextDisplay mega-widget. It creates a read-only display of text with a text widget and a scrollbar. option add *TextDisplay.wrap none widgetDefault option add *TextDisplay.textBackground ivory widgetDefault option add *TextDisplay.width 40 widgetDefault option add *TextDisplay.height 10 widgetDefault itcl::class TextDisplay { inherit itk::Widget constructor {args} { itk_component add text { text $itk_interior.info -state disabled -yscrollcommand [code $itk_interior.sbar set] } { usual keep -tabs -wrap -width -height rename -background -textbackground textBackground Background } pack $itk_component(text) -side left -expand yes -fill both itk_component add scrollbar { scrollbar $itk_interior.sbar -command [code $itk_interior.info yview] } pack $itk_component(scrollbar) -side right -fill y eval itk_initialize $args } public method display {info} public method append {info} } itcl::body TextDisplay::display {info} { $itk_component(text) configure -state normal $itk_component(text) delete 1.0 end $itk_component(text) insert 1.0 $info $itk_component(text) configure -state disabled } itcl::body TextDisplay::append {info} { $itk_component(text) configure -state normal $itk_component(text) insert end $info $itk_component(text) configure -state disabled } itk::usual TextDisplay { keep -background -cursor -foreground -font keep -activebackground -activerelief keep -highlightcolor -highlightthickness keep -insertbackground -insertborderwidth -insertwidth keep -insertontime -insertofftime keep -selectbackground -selectborderwidth -selectforeground keep -textbackground -troughcolor } # # EXAMPLE: Display the /etc/passwd file # TextDisplay .file -background red pack .file .file display [exec cat /etc/passwd]


itk, Archetype, Widget, mega-widget itk 3.0 Widget(n)

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