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HobbyBoards_EE/EF(3)         One-Wire File System         HobbyBoards_EE/EF(3)


- HobbyBoards EE/EF Microprocessor-based slaves: Ultra Violet (UV) Index sensor, Soil and Leaf moisture measurements, Barometer, 4-channel hub with switchable branches


General EE device EE [.]XXXXXXXXXXXX[XX][/[ temperature | version | type_number | temperature_offset | See the file man3/standard_mini.3so. ]] UVI sensor EE [.]XXXXXXXXXXXX[XX][/[ UVI/UVI | UVI/UVI_offset | UVI/in_case | UVI/valid | temperature | version | type_number | temperature_offset ]] General EF device EF [.]XXXXXXXXXXXX[XX][/[ version | type_number | See the file man3/standard_mini.3so. ]] Moisture Meter moisture/sensor.[0-3|ALL] moisture/is_moisture.[0-3|ALL|BYTE] | moisture/is_leaf.[0-3|ALL|BYTE] moisture/calibrate/min | moisture/calibrate/max | moisture/calibrate/raw.[0-4|ALL] Hub hub/branch.[0-3|ALL|BYTE] | hub/short.[0-3|ALL|BYTE]


EE Device with temperature EE UVI EF Device without temperature EF Moisture Meter EF Hub


temperature read-only, floating point Temperature read every 30 seconds. Resolution .5C (uses an on-board DS18B20). Temperature is only present in the EE-series devices. temperature_offset read-write, floating point Offset stored on device to apply to temperature readings.


UVI/UVI read-only floating point UV Index (ultraviolet index) in the range 0.0 to 16.0 resolution .1 Only the UVI version of the EE device has a UVI sensor. Readings made every .5 seconds. UVI/UVI_offset read-write, floating point Signed offset to apply to the UVI measurement. Stored on-device non- volatile. UVI/in_case read-write, yes-no Flag to apply compensation for the protective case. Stored on-device non-volatile. UVI/valid read-only, yes-no Flag the the EE device type matches the known UVI type. Moisture Meter moisture/sensor.0 .. moisture/sensor.3 moisture/sensor.ALL read-only integer Up to 4 sensors reading moisture can be attached. OWFS addresses the sensors as 0 through 3 while the datasheet uses 1-4. Two types of external sensors are supported (and the data range): Watermark Soil Moisture Sensor 0-199 Leaf Wetness Sensor 0-99 moisture/is_moisture.0 .. moisture/is_moisture.3 moisture/is_moisture.ALL moisture/is_leaf.0 .. moisture/is_leaf.3 moisture/is_leaf.ALL read-write yes_no Set or get the type of sensor attached to each channel. Note that OWFS addresses the sensors as 0 through 3 while the datasheet uses 1-4. Two types of external sensors are supported: Watermark Soil Moisture Sensor Leaf Wetness Sensor Note that is_leaf and is_moisture are complementary and clearing one sets the other. moisture/calibrate/min moisture/calibrate/max read-write unsigned integer Set or get the upper and lower range for the raw data for leaf wetness scaling. See the datasheet for details. moisture/calibrate/raw.0 .. moisture/calibrate/raw.3 moisture/calibrate/raw.ALL read-only unsigned integer Read the raw leaf wetness values for setting scaling. See the datasheet for details. Note that OWFS addresses the sensors as 0 through 3 while the datasheet uses 1-4. Hub 4-channel hub. Individual branches can be switched on and off. hub/branch.0 .. hub/branch.3 hub/branch.ALL hub/branch.BYTE read-write, yes-no The HobbyBoards hub has four 1-wire bus lines. Each branch is electricaly isolated from reflections and shorts, and can be optionally excluded from the 1-wire network. You can turn each branch on or off by writing 0 (off) or 1 (on) to the corresponding property. Note that OWFS indexes the branches 0 to 3 while the datasheet uses 1 to 4. The easiest way to turn all the branches on is to write 15 (0x0F) to hub/branch.BYTE hub/short.0 .. hub/short.3 hub/short.ALL hub/short.BYTE read-only, yes-no Is the corresponding branch in "short" condition? (Electrically shorted out).


version read-only, ascii Firmware version for the EE/EF device. Reported in nn.nn format where nn is major/minor decimal value. Note: This format was changed as of version owfs-2.9p6 at the request of the HobbyBoards. Formerly reported in HH.HH format where HH is a hex digit (0-9A-F). type_number read-only, integer Index of the type of sensor built into this device. Current known assignments: 1 UVI (Ultraviolet index) 2 Moisture meter 3 Moisture meter with datalogger 4 Sniffer 5 Hub


See the file man3/standard.3so.




See the file man3/description.3so. EE / EF The EEEF (3) are a reference platform of microprocessor based 1-wire slaves. In general they require external power, and have an on-board index for the specific capabilities. They are designed by Eric Vickery at HobbyBoards.com The EE class device uses family code EE and has an included temperature sensor. The EF devices have no temperature sensor, UVI The UVI sensor is an implementation of the EE class device with Ultra Violet Index sensing. All it's specific properties are in the UVI/ directory.


See the file man3/addressing.3so.


UVI http://www.hobby- boards.com/catalog/links/uvi2-r1/UVI%20Meter%20User%20Manual.pdf Moisture and Leaf Sensor http://www.hobby- boards.com/download/manuals/Moisture%20Meter.pdf 4 Channel Hub http://www.hobby- boards.com/download/manuals/4%20Channel%20Hub.pdf


See the file man3/seealso.3so.




Paul Alfille (paul.alfille@gmail.com) OWFS Manpage 2009 HobbyBoards_EE/EF(3)

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