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TCPIOSocket(3)                       MPQC                       TCPIOSocket(3)


TCPIOSocket -


Inherits TCPSocket. Inherited by TCPClientConnection, and TCPServerConnection. Public Member Functions int read (void *d, int n) int write (const void *d, int n) int read_int (int *d, int n) int write_int (const int *d, int n) int read_string (std::string &) int write_string (const std::string &) int read_int (int &) int write_int (int) int read_uint32 (u_int32_t &) int write_uint32 (u_int32_t) Additional Inherited Members Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for MPQC from the source code. Version 2.3.1 Fri Feb 19 2016 TCPIOSocket(3)

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