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SP_GET_VS_SETS_INFO(3)           User Manuals           SP_GET_VS_SETS_INFO(3)


SP_get_vs_sets_info, SP_scat_get_vs_sets_info - Extract list of VS sets from membership message


#include <sp.h> int SP_get_vs_sets_info( const char * memb_mess, vs_set_info *vs_sets, int num_vs_sets, unsigned int *my_vs_set_index); int SP_scat_get_vs_sets_info( const scatter * memb_mess_scat, vs_set_info *vs_sets, int num_vs_sets, unsigned int *my_vs_set_index);


SP_get_vs_sets_info and its scatter variant extract the list of VS sets provided in a Network membership message and store them into the vs_sets array of vs_set_info structs. The number of elements in the array should be provided in the num_vs_sets parameter. This function also returns an index of which VS set in the array corresponds to the current process's VS set. That index value is returned in the my_vs_set_index parameter. The memb_mess field or scatter field should be the body of a message that was returned in a previous SP_receive call for a membership message. The fields of a vs_set_info struct include unsigned int num_members unsigned int member_offset The member_offset field is the byte offset into the membership message body where this VS set's member list begins. For each of the vs_set_info records in the array, the function SP_get_vs_set_members will grab the actual array of member names for the specified VS set.


Returns a postivive value on success or one of the following errors ( < 0 ): BUFFER_TOO_SHORT The allocated array of vs_set_info structs can not hold the number of VS sets contained in this membership message. No data is parsed. Reallocate a larger array of vs_set_info structs (the required number is available in the membership_info struct) and call this function again.




Yair Amir <yairamir@cnds.jhu.edu> Jonathan Stanton <jonathan@cnds.jhu.edu>


libspread(3) SPREAD February 2006 SP_GET_VS_SETS_INFO(3)

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