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SP_GET_MEMB_INFO(3)              User Manuals              SP_GET_MEMB_INFO(3)


SP_get_memb_info, SP_scat_get_memb_info - Extract membership information from message


#include <sp.h> int SP_get_memb_info( const char * memb_mess, const service service_type, membership_info *memb_info); int SP_scat_get_memb_info( const scatter * memb_mess_scat, const service service_type, membership_info *memb_info);


SP_get_memb_info and its scatter variant all parse the contents of a message body that is received as part of a membership message and fill in the membership_info struct that is passed in as a parameter. The service_type and the memb_mess fields should be the same as the values returned in a previous SP_receive call for a membership message. The caller should allocate a new membership_info structure and pass that into this function. When the function returns the structure will be filled in. The fields of a membership_info struct include group_id gid char changed_member[MAX_GROUP_NAME] unsigned int num_vs_set vs_set_info my_vs_set The changed_member field is filled in with the name of the new or leaving member if the membership is a Join, Leave or Disconnect. If it is a Network membership event then the changed_member field is blank and multiple vs_sets will be available with all of the subsets of daemons coming together into the new membership. The my_vs_set field stores the number of members of my local vs set, i.e. those processes who came together with me and the location of the list of members. See SP_get_vs_set_members for how to extract the full list of members. The SP_get_vs_sets_info function will return the full list of all VS sets that arrived with this membership message.


Returns a postivive value on success or one of the following errors ( < 0 ): ILLEGAL_MESSAGE The message had an illegal structure, like a scatter not filled out correctly. Or it is not a membership message.




Yair Amir <yairamir@cnds.jhu.edu> Jonathan Stanton <jonathan@cnds.jhu.edu>


libspread(3) SPREAD February 2006 SP_GET_MEMB_INFO(3)

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