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SPI_FREETUPTABLE(3)     PostgreSQL 9.5.0 Documentation     SPI_FREETUPTABLE(3)


SPI_freetuptable - free a row set created by SPI_execute or a similar function


void SPI_freetuptable(SPITupleTable * tuptable)


SPI_freetuptable frees a row set created by a prior SPI command execution function, such as SPI_execute. Therefore, this function is often called with the global variable SPI_tuptable as argument. This function is useful if a SPI procedure needs to execute multiple commands and does not want to keep the results of earlier commands around until it ends. Note that any unfreed row sets will be freed anyway at SPI_finish. Also, if a subtransaction is started and then aborted within execution of a SPI procedure, SPI automatically frees any row sets created while the subtransaction was running. Beginning in PostgreSQL 9.3, SPI_freetuptable contains guard logic to protect against duplicate deletion requests for the same row set. In previous releases, duplicate deletions would lead to crashes.


SPITupleTable * tuptable pointer to row set to free, or NULL to do nothing PostgreSQL 9.5.0 2016 SPI_FREETUPTABLE(3)

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