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SDL_Overlay(3)		       SDL API Reference		SDL_Overlay(3)


SDL_Overlay - YUV video overlay


typedef struct{ Uint32 format; int w, h; int planes; Uint16 *pitches; Uint8 **pixels; Uint32 hw_overlay:1; } SDL_Overlay;


format Overlay format (see below) w, h Width and height of overlay planes Number of planes in the overlay. Usually either 1 or 3 pitches An array of pitches, one for each plane. Pitch is the length of a row in bytes. pixels An array of pointers to teh data of each plane. The overlay should be locked before these pointers are used. hw_overlay This will be set to 1 if the overlay is hardware accelerated.


A SDL_Overlay is similar to a SDL_Surface except it stores a YUV over- lay. All the fields are read only, except for pixels which should be locked before use. The format field stores the format of the overlay which is one of the following: #define SDL_YV12_OVERLAY 0x32315659 /* Planar mode: Y + V + U */ #define SDL_IYUV_OVERLAY 0x56555949 /* Planar mode: Y + U + V */ #define SDL_YUY2_OVERLAY 0x32595559 /* Packed mode: Y0+U0+Y1+V0 */ #define SDL_UYVY_OVERLAY 0x59565955 /* Packed mode: U0+Y0+V0+Y1 */ #define SDL_YVYU_OVERLAY 0x55595659 /* Packed mode: Y0+V0+Y1+U0 */ More information on YUV formats can be found at http://www.webartz.com/fourcc/indexyuv.htm (link to URL http://www.webartz.com/fourcc/indexyuv.htm) .


SDL_CreateYUVOverlay, SDL_LockYUVOverlay, SDL_UnlockYUVOverlay, SDL_FreeYUVOverlay SDL Tue 11 Sep 2001, 23:01 SDL_Overlay(3)

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