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SDL_JoyHatEvent(3)	       SDL API Reference	    SDL_JoyHatEvent(3)


SDL_JoyHatEvent - Joystick hat position change event structure


typedef struct{ Uint8 type; Uint8 which; Uint8 hat; Uint8 value; } SDL_JoyHatEvent;


type SDL_JOY which Joystick device index hat Joystick hat index value Hat position


SDL_JoyHatEvent is a member of the SDL_Event union and is used when an event of type SDL_JOYHATMOTION is reported. A SDL_JOYHATMOTION event occurs when ever a user moves a hat on the joystick. The field which is the index of the joystick that reported the event and hat is the index of the hat (for a more detailed exlaina- tion see the Joystick section). value is the current position of the hat. It is a logically OR'd combination of the following values (whose meanings should be pretty obvious:) : SDL_HAT_CENTERED SDL_HAT_UP SDL_HAT_RIGHT SDL_HAT_DOWN SDL_HAT_LEFT The following defines are also provided: SDL_HAT_RIGHTUP SDL_HAT_RIGHTDOWN SDL_HAT_LEFTUP SDL_HAT_LEFTDOWN


SDL_Event, Joystick Functions, SDL_JoystickEventState, SDL_Joystick- GetHat SDL Tue 11 Sep 2001, 22:59 SDL_JoyHatEvent(3)

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