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SDL_GLattr(3)		       SDL API Reference		 SDL_GLattr(3)


SDL_GLattr - SDL GL Attributes


SDL_GL_RED_SIZE Size of the framebuffer red component, in bits SDL_GL_GREEN_SIZE Size of the framebuffer green component, in bits SDL_GL_BLUE_SIZE Size of the framebuffer blue component, in bits SDL_GL_ALPHA_SIZE Size of the framebuffer alpha component, in bits SDL_GL_DOUBLEBUFFER 0 or 1, enable or disable double buffering SDL_GL_BUFFER_SIZE Size of the framebuffer, in bits SDL_GL_DEPTH_SIZE Size of the depth buffer, in bits SDL_GL_STENCIL_SIZE Size of the stencil buffer, in bits SDL_GL_ACCUM_RED_SIZE Size of the accumulation buffer red component, in bits SDL_GL_ACCUM_GREEN_SIZE Size of the accumulation buffer green component, in bits SDL_GL_ACCUM_BLUE_SIZE Size of the accumulation buffer blue component, in bits SDL_GL_ACCUM_ALPHA_SIZE Size of the accumulation buffer alpha component, in bits


While you can set most OpenGL attributes normally, the attributes list above must be known before SDL sets the video mode. These attributes a set and read with SDL_GL_SetAttribute and SDL_GL_GetAttribute.


SDL_GL_SetAttribute, SDL_GL_GetAttribute SDL Tue 11 Sep 2001, 23:01 SDL_GLattr(3)

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