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ROMANDATE(1)          User Contributed Perl Documentation         ROMANDATE(1)


RomanDate - Print the Roman date corresponding to a given Christian date.


RomanDate [--args arg=value --args arg=value ...] [day month year] OPTIONS There is only one option, namely "args". This option can appears multiple times, each time followed by a string in the form "arg=value". arg, value pairs are those of the "as_string" method of the Date::Roman class. ARGUMENTS "RomanDate" can be invoked either with exactly three arguments or with none at all. In the first case, the argument must be numerical and are interpreted as the day, month and year number respectively. In the second case, the script prints the current date.


This script is a utilization sample of Date::Roman. Given a Christian date, it prints on standard out the corresponding date in the Roman format (see the Date::Roman man page for more details about the Roman calendar).


RomanDate 19 7 1961 prints a.d. XIV Kal. Aug. MMDCCXIV AUC. RomanDate --args words=complete --args auc=abbrev 19 7 1961 prints ante diem XIV Kalendas Augustas MMDCCXIV AUC RomanDate prints the current date in the Roman form.


Leo Cacciari, aka TheHobbit <thehobbit@altern.org>


This software is Copyright 2002 by Leo Cacciari. This software is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Perl Artistic License, either as stated in the enclosed LICENSE file or (at your option) as given on the Perl home site: http://www.perl.com/language/misc/Artistic.html


I dont know if this qualify as a bug. Anyhow, the scripts oly accepts dates in the format day month year.


The Date::Roman man page. v. 1.06 a.d. XI Kal. Mai. MMDCCLV AUC ROMANDATE(1)

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