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DICLIBINTRO(3)        DragonFly Library Functions Manual        DICLIBINTRO(3)


DDIICCLLiibb iinnttrroo - dictionary access library introduction


The dictionary access library provides basic functions for kana-kanji conversion. The following files are prerequisite to using the dictionary access library: Header file ccaannnnaa//RRKK..hh An include file that contains data and function declarations for use by the kana-kanji conversion library. Include this file at compile time. Libraries lliibbccaannnnaa..aa,, lliibbccaannnnaa..ssoo Kana-kanji conversion libraries. Specify "--llccaannnnaa" at link time.


The dictionary access library provides three major categories of functions: !| Code conversion functions Convert character string codes between double-width and single-width characters and between hiragana and katakana. External data and initialization procedures are not required. !| Romaji-kana conversion functions Convert Romaji to kana by using a Romaji-kana conversion table that defines the correspondence between Romaji and kana. The rules of Romaji-kana conversion can be altered by making modifications to this table. !| Kana-kanji conversion functions Convert kana to kanji through continuous clause conversion by using a kana-kanji conversion dictionary that defines the correspondence between readings and words. Kana-kanji conversion can be performed to meet specific applications by making modifications to this dictionary. Among all the functions of Japanese input processing, this library performs only data conversion. To be able to enter Japanese text from a keyboard, therefore, it is necessary for users to write a keyboard handling routine within the application program. !| Code conversion functions RRkk((ww))CCvvttZZeenn Convert ASCII characters and single-width katakana to double-width characters. RRkkCCvvttHHaann Convert double-width symbols, alphanumeric characters, hiragana, and katakana to single- width characters. RRkkCCvvttKKaannaa Convert double-width hiragana to double-width katakana. RRkkCCvvttHHiirraa Convert double-width katakana to double-width hiragana. RRkkCCvvttEEuucc Convert shift JIS code to EUC code. !| Romaji-kana conversion functions RRkkOOppeennRRoommaa Open the dictionary to use for Romaji-kana conversion. RRkkCClloosseeRRoommaa Close the dictionary used for Romaji-kana conversion. RRkkMMaappRRoommaa Perform Romaji-kana conversion by using a specified Romaji-kana conversion dictionary. RRkkCCvvttRRoommaa Convert an entire character string from Romaji to kana by iteratively using RRkkMMaappRRoommaa. !| Kana-kanji conversion functions RRkkIInniittiiaalliizzee Initialize the kana-kanji conversion functions. RRkkFFiinnaalliizzee Terminate the kana-kanji conversion functions. RRkkCCrreeaatteeCCoonntteexxtt Create a new conversion context. RRkkDDuupplliiccaatteeCCoonntteexxtt Create a context having the same conversion environment as a specified context. RRkkCClloosseeCCoonntteexxtt Close a specified conversion context. RRkkGGeettDDiiccLLiisstt Get the names of dictionaries that can be added to the dictionary list. RRkkMMoouunnttDDiicc Mount a dictionary in the dictionary list. RRkkGGeettMMoouunnttLLiisstt Get the names of the currently mounted dictionaries. (or characters for RkwResize) RRkkUUnnmmoouunnttDDiicc Unmount a specified dictionary from the dictionary list. RRkkRReemmoouunnttDDiicc Alter the priority order of a dictionary already in the dictionary list. RRkkBBggnnBBuunn Convert the reading of a specified length to kanji. RRkkEEnnddBBuunn Terminate kana-kanji conversion. RRkkGGooTToo Set the clause with a specified clause number as the current clause. RRkkLLeefftt Move the current clause to the clause to its left. RRkkRRiigghhtt Move the current clause to its right. RRkkXXffeerr Set the candidate with a specified candidate number as the current candidate. RRkkNNeexxtt Set the next candidate as the current candidate. RRkkPPrreevv Set the previous candidate as the current candidate. RRkkNNffeerr Set a reading itself as the current candidate. RRkkRReessiizzee Change the reading length of the current clause to lleenn bytes. RRkkEEnnllaarrggee Enlarge the reading of the current clause. RRkkSShhoorrtteenn Shorten the reading of the current clause. RRkkSSttoorreeYYoommii Change the reading of the current clause to a specified reading, reconverting the subsequent clauses. RRkkGGeettYYoommii Get the reading of the current clause. RRkkGGeettKKaannjjii Get the current candidate for the current clause. RRkkGGeettKKaannjjiiLLiisstt Get all kanji candidates for the current clause. RRkkGGeettSSttaatt Get analysis information about the current candidate. RRkkGGeettLLeexx Get morphemic information on each word that makes up the current candidate. RRkkDDeeffiinneeDDiicc Define a specified candidate in a dictionary. RRkkDDeelleetteeDDiicc Delete a specified candidate from a dictionary. DICLIBINTRO(3)

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