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RKINITIALIZE(3)       DragonFly Library Functions Manual       RKINITIALIZE(3)


RRkkIInniittiiaalliizzee - initialize the kana-kanji conversion functions


##iinncclluuddee <<ccaannnnaa//RRKK..hh>> iinntt RRkkIInniittiiaalliizzee((ddhhddppaatthh)) cchhaarr **ddhhddppaatthh;;


RkInitialize initiates the kana-kanji conversion functions. dhdpath names the dictionary home directory. Because this library permits multiple kana-kanji conversions to proceed concurrently, it uses the conversion context method of control to manage the kana-kanji conversions. Each context contains internal data needed to perform a kana-kanji conversion. Users identify the conversion contexts from one another by their context number. A context number is an integer of 0 or greater and is used as the first parameter of the kana-kanji conversion function. Right after the kana-kanji conversion functions are initialized by RkInitialize, only the standard context with context number 0 exists. Applications using only one context can use the standard context.


This function returns 00 if successful; otherwise, it returns --11.


RRkkFFiinnaalliizzee(3) RKINITIALIZE(3)

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