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RKGETSTAT(3)          DragonFly Library Functions Manual          RKGETSTAT(3)


RRkkGGeettSSttaatt - get analysis information about the current candidate


##iinncclluuddee <<ccaannnnaa//RRKK..hh>> iinntt RRkkGGeettSSttaatt((ccxxnnuumm,, ssttaatt)) iinntt ccxxnnuumm;; RRkkssttaatt **ssttaatt;;


RkGetStat gets analysis information about the current candidate. The fields of the structure stat are loaded with the following: bbuunnnnuumm Current clause number ccaannddnnuumm Current candidate number mmaaxxccaanndd Number of candidates for the current clause ddiiccccaanndd mmaaxxccaanndd less the mode specification of RRkkBBggnnBBuunn(3) yylleenn Byte length of the reading of the current candidate kklleenn Byte length of the kanji of the current candidate ttlleenn Number of words making up the current candidate


This function returns 00, or returns --11, without doing anything, if it has been run in a nonconversion mode context. RKGETSTAT(3)

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