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RKBGNBUN(3)           DragonFly Library Functions Manual           RKBGNBUN(3)


RRkkBBggnnBBuunn / RRkkwwBBggnnBBuunn - convert the reading of a specified length to kanji


##iinncclluuddee <<ccaannnnaa//RRKK..hh>> iinntt RRkkBBggnnBBuunn((ccxxnnuumm,, yyoommii,, mmaaxxyyoommii,, mmooddee)) iinntt ccxxnnuumm;; uunnssiiggnneedd cchhaarr **yyoommii;; iinntt mmaaxxyyoommii;; iinntt mmooddee;; iinntt RRkkwwBBggnnBBuunn((ccxxnnuumm,, yyoommii,, mmaaxxyyoommii,, mmooddee)) iinntt ccxxnnuumm;; wwcchhaarr__tt **yyoommii;; iinntt mmaaxxyyoommii;; iinntt mmooddee;;


RkBgnBun converts the reading yomi with a length of maxyomi bytes to kanji. The reading kana must be adjusted on character boundaries in the EUC code. The context enters the conversion mode, with both the current clause and the current clause set to 00. RkwBgnBun is the similar function to RkBgnBun, but it takes wchar_t argument as yomi. maxyomi represents the length of yomi by characters instead of bytes. mode represents the code conversion candidate to be added to each clause. It is expressed in a bit field width, which can be set to one of the following with RRKK__XXFFEERRBBIITTSS: RRKK__XXFFEERR Hiragana RRKK__HHFFEERR Single-width character RRKK__KKFFEERR Katakana RRKK__ZZFFEERR Double-width character If the number of candidates available for the current clause is N, candidates are added through code conversion by reading the candidates in sequence, from candidate N to candidate N + 1, and so on, starting with the lowest-order bit field. Candidate addition ends when the corresponding bit field equals 00. mode Candidate RK_XFER (KANJI) (HIRAGANA) (RK_XFER << RK_XFERBITS) | RK_KFER(KANJI) (KATAKANA) (HIRAGANA) (RK_KFER << RK_XFERBITS) | RK_XFER(KANJI) (HIRAGANA) (KATAKANA) The context enters the conversion mode, from RkBgnBun to RkEndBun(3). Conversion modes cannot be nested.


This function returns the number of clauses derived from conversion, or returns --11 if the conversion fails.


RRkkEEnnddBBuunn(3) RKBGNBUN(3)

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