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QwtThermo -


#include <qwt_thermo.h> Inherits QwtAbstractScale. Public Types enum ScalePos { NoScale, LeftScale, RightScale, TopScale, BottomScale } Public Slots void setValue (double val) Public Member Functions QwtThermo (QWidget *parent=NULL) virtual ~QwtThermo () const QBrush & alarmBrush () const const QColor & alarmColor () const bool alarmEnabled () const double alarmLevel () const int borderWidth () const const QBrush & fillBrush () const const QColor & fillColor () const double maxValue () const virtual QSize minimumSizeHint () const double minValue () const int pipeWidth () const const QwtScaleDraw * scaleDraw () const ScalePos scalePosition () const void setAlarmBrush (const QBrush &b) void setAlarmColor (const QColor &c) void setAlarmEnabled (bool tf) void setAlarmLevel (double v) void setBorderWidth (int w) void setFillBrush (const QBrush &b) void setFillColor (const QColor &c) void setMargin (int m) void setMaxValue (double v) void setMinValue (double v) void setOrientation (Qt::Orientation o, ScalePos s) void setPipeWidth (int w) void setRange (double vmin, double vmax, bool lg=false) void setScaleDraw (QwtScaleDraw *) void setScalePosition (ScalePos s) virtual QSize sizeHint () const double value () const Protected Member Functions void draw (QPainter *p, const QRect &update_rect) void drawThermo (QPainter *p) virtual void fontChange (const QFont &oldFont) void layoutThermo (bool update=true) virtual void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *e) virtual void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *e) virtual void scaleChange () QwtScaleDraw * scaleDraw () Detailed Description The Thermometer Widget. QwtThermo is a widget which displays a value in an interval. It supports: o a horizontal or vertical layout; o a range; o a scale; o an alarm level. By default, the scale and range run over the same interval of values. QwtAbstractScale::setScale() changes the interval of the scale and allows easy conversion between physical units. The example shows how to make the scale indicate in degrees Fahrenheit and to set the value in degrees Kelvin: #include <qapplication.h> #include <qwt_thermo.h> double Kelvin2Fahrenheit(double kelvin) { // see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelvin return 1.8*kelvin - 459.67; } int main(int argc, char **argv) { const double minKelvin = 0.0; const double maxKelvin = 500.0; QApplication a(argc, argv); QwtThermo t; t.setRange(minKelvin, maxKelvin); t.setScale(Kelvin2Fahrenheit(minKelvin), Kelvin2Fahrenheit(maxKelvin)); // set the value in Kelvin but the scale displays in Fahrenheit // 273.15 Kelvin = 0 Celsius = 32 Fahrenheit t.setValue(273.15); a.setMainWidget(&t); t.show(); return a.exec(); } Constructor & Destructor Documentation QwtThermo::QwtThermo (QWidget *parent = NULL) [explicit] Constructor Parameters: parent Parent widget Member Function Documentation const QBrush & QwtThermo::alarmBrush () const Return the liquid brush above the alarm threshold. See also: setAlarmBrush() double QwtThermo::alarmLevel () const Return the alarm threshold. See also: setAlarmLevel() int QwtThermo::borderWidth () const Return the border width of the thermometer pipe. See also: setBorderWidth() void QwtThermo::draw (QPainter *painter, const QRect &rect) [protected] Draw the whole QwtThermo. Parameters: painter Painter rect Update rectangle void QwtThermo::drawThermo (QPainter *painter) [protected] Redraw the liquid in thermometer pipe. Parameters: painter Painter const QBrush & QwtThermo::fillBrush () const Return the liquid brush. See also: setFillBrush() const QColor & QwtThermo::fillColor () const Return the liquid color. See also: setFillColor() void QwtThermo::layoutThermo (boolupdate_geometry = true) [protected] Recalculate the QwtThermo geometry and layout based on the QwtThermo::rect() and the fonts. Parameters: update_geometry notify the layout system and call update to redraw the scale QSize QwtThermo::minimumSizeHint () const [virtual] Return a minimum size hint. Warning: The return value depends on the font and the scale. See also: sizeHint() void QwtThermo::paintEvent (QPaintEvent *event) [protected], [virtual] Qt paint event. event Paint event int QwtThermo::pipeWidth () const Return the width of the pipe. See also: setPipeWidth() const QwtScaleDraw * QwtThermo::scaleDraw () const Returns: the scale draw of the thermo See also: setScaleDraw() QwtScaleDraw * QwtThermo::scaleDraw () [protected] Returns: the scale draw of the thermo See also: setScaleDraw() QwtThermo::ScalePos QwtThermo::scalePosition () const Return the scale position. See also: setScalePosition() void QwtThermo::setAlarmBrush (const QBrush &brush) Specify the liquid brush above the alarm threshold. Parameters: brush New brush. The default is solid white. See also: alarmBrush() void QwtThermo::setAlarmColor (const QColor &c) Specify the liquid color above the alarm threshold. Parameters: c New color. The default is white. void QwtThermo::setAlarmEnabled (booltf) Enable or disable the alarm threshold. Parameters: tf true (disabled) or false (enabled) void QwtThermo::setAlarmLevel (doublelevel) Specify the alarm threshold. Parameters: level Alarm threshold See also: alarmLevel() void QwtThermo::setBorderWidth (intwidth) Set the border width of the pipe. Parameters: width Border width See also: borderWidth() void QwtThermo::setFillBrush (const QBrush &brush) Change the brush of the liquid. Parameters: brush New brush. The default brush is solid black. See also: fillBrush() void QwtThermo::setFillColor (const QColor &c) Change the color of the liquid. Parameters: c New color. The default color is black. See also: fillColor() void QwtThermo::setMargin (intm) Specify the distance between the pipe's endpoints and the widget's border. The margin is used to leave some space for the scale labels. If a large font is used, it is advisable to adjust the margins. Parameters: m New Margin. The default values are 10 for horizontal orientation and 20 for vertical orientation. Warning: The margin has no effect if the scale is disabled. This function is a NOOP because margins are determined automatically. void QwtThermo::setMaxValue (doublemax) Set the maximum value. Parameters: max Maximum value See also: maxValue(), setMinValue() void QwtThermo::setMinValue (doublemin) Set the minimum value. Parameters: min Minimum value See also: minValue(), setMaxValue() void QwtThermo::setOrientation (Qt::Orientationo, ScalePoss) Set the thermometer orientation and the scale position. The scale position NoScale disables the scale. Parameters: o orientation. Possible values are Qt::Horizontal and Qt::Vertical. The default value is Qt::Vertical. s Position of the scale. The default value is NoScale. A valid combination of scale position and orientation is enforced: o a horizontal thermometer can have the scale positions TopScale, BottomScale or NoScale; o a vertical thermometer can have the scale positions LeftScale, RightScale or NoScale; o an invalid scale position will default to NoScale. See also: setScalePosition() void QwtThermo::setPipeWidth (intwidth) Change the width of the pipe. Parameters: width Width of the pipe See also: pipeWidth() void QwtThermo::setRange (doublevmin, doublevmax, boollogarithmic = false) Set the range. Parameters: vmin value corresponding lower or left end of the thermometer vmax value corresponding to the upper or right end of the thermometer logarithmic logarithmic mapping, true or false void QwtThermo::setScaleDraw (QwtScaleDraw *scaleDraw) Set a scale draw. For changing the labels of the scales, it is necessary to derive from QwtScaleDraw and overload QwtScaleDraw::label(). Parameters: scaleDraw ScaleDraw object, that has to be created with new and will be deleted in ~QwtThermo or the next call of setScaleDraw(). void QwtThermo::setScalePosition (ScalePosscalePos) Change the scale position (and thermometer orientation). Parameters: scalePos Position of the scale. A valid combination of scale position and orientation is enforced: o if the new scale position is LeftScale or RightScale, the scale orientation will become Qt::Vertical; o if the new scale position is BottomScale or TopScale, the scale orientation will become Qt::Horizontal; o if the new scale position is NoScale, the scale orientation will not change. See also: setOrientation(), scalePosition() void QwtThermo::setValue (doublevalue) [slot] Set the current value. Parameters: value New Value See also: value() QSize QwtThermo::sizeHint () const [virtual] Returns: the minimum size hint See also: minimumSizeHint() Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for Qwt User's Guide from the source code. Version 5.2.3 Tue Nov 20 2012 QwtThermo(3)

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