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QwtSplineCurveFitter(3)        Qwt User's Guide        QwtSplineCurveFitter(3)


QwtSplineCurveFitter -


#include <qwt_curve_fitter.h> Inherits QwtCurveFitter. Public Types enum FitMode { Auto, Spline, ParametricSpline } Public Member Functions QwtSplineCurveFitter () virtual ~QwtSplineCurveFitter () virtual QPolygonF fitCurve (const QPolygonF &) const FitMode fitMode () const void setFitMode (FitMode) void setSpline (const QwtSpline &) void setSplineSize (int size) const QwtSpline & spline () const QwtSpline & spline () int splineSize () const Additional Inherited Members Detailed Description A curve fitter using cubic splines. Member Function Documentation QPolygonF QwtSplineCurveFitter::fitCurve (const QPolygonF &points) const [virtual] Find a curve which has the best fit to a series of data points Parameters: points Series of data points Returns: Curve points Implements QwtCurveFitter. QwtSplineCurveFitter::FitMode QwtSplineCurveFitter::fitMode () const Returns: Mode representing a spline algorithm See also: setFitMode() void QwtSplineCurveFitter::setFitMode (FitModemode) Select the algorithm used for building the spline Parameters: mode Mode representing a spline algorithm See also: fitMode() void QwtSplineCurveFitter::setSplineSize (intsplineSize) Assign a spline size ( has to be at least 10 points ) Parameters: splineSize Spline size See also: splineSize() int QwtSplineCurveFitter::splineSize () const Returns: Spline size See also: setSplineSize() Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for Qwt User's Guide from the source code. Version 5.2.3 Tue Nov 20 2012 QwtSplineCurveFitter(3)

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