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QwtScaleWidget(3)              Qwt User's Guide              QwtScaleWidget(3)


QwtScaleWidget -


#include <qwt_scale_widget.h> Signals void scaleDivChanged () Public Member Functions QwtScaleWidget (QWidget *parent=NULL) QwtScaleWidget (QwtScaleDraw::Alignment, QWidget *parent=NULL) virtual ~QwtScaleWidget () QwtScaleDraw::Alignment alignment () const QwtDoubleInterval colorBarInterval () const QRect colorBarRect (const QRect &) const int colorBarWidth () const const QwtColorMap & colorMap () const int dimForLength (int length, const QFont &scaleFont) const void drawColorBar (QPainter *painter, const QRect &rect) const void drawTitle (QPainter *painter, QwtScaleDraw::Alignment, const QRect &rect) const int endBorderDist () const void getBorderDistHint (int &start, int &end) const void getMinBorderDist (int &start, int &end) const bool isColorBarEnabled () const int margin () const virtual QSize minimumSizeHint () const int penWidth () const const QwtScaleDraw * scaleDraw () const QwtScaleDraw * scaleDraw () void setAlignment (QwtScaleDraw::Alignment) void setBorderDist (int start, int end) void setColorBarEnabled (bool) void setColorBarWidth (int) void setColorMap (const QwtDoubleInterval &, const QwtColorMap &) void setLabelAlignment (Qt::Alignment) void setLabelRotation (double rotation) void setMargin (int) void setMinBorderDist (int start, int end) void setPenWidth (int) void setScaleDiv (QwtScaleTransformation *, const QwtScaleDiv &sd) void setScaleDraw (QwtScaleDraw *) void setSpacing (int td) void setTitle (const QString &title) void setTitle (const QwtText &title) virtual QSize sizeHint () const int spacing () const int startBorderDist () const QwtText title () const int titleHeightForWidth (int width) const Protected Member Functions void draw (QPainter *p) const void layoutScale (bool update=true) virtual void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *e) virtual void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *e) void scaleChange () Detailed Description A Widget which contains a scale. This Widget can be used to decorate composite widgets with a scale. Constructor & Destructor Documentation QwtScaleWidget::QwtScaleWidget (QWidget *parent = NULL) [explicit] Create a scale with the position QwtScaleWidget::Left. Parameters: parent Parent widget QwtScaleWidget::QwtScaleWidget (QwtScaleDraw::Alignmentalign, QWidget *parent = NULL) [explicit] Constructor. Parameters: align Alignment. parent Parent widget Member Function Documentation QwtScaleDraw::Alignment QwtScaleWidget::alignment () const Returns: position See also: setPosition() int QwtScaleWidget::dimForLength (intlength, const QFont &scaleFont) const Find the minimum dimension for a given length. dim is the height, length the width seen in direction of the title. Parameters: length width for horizontal, height for vertical scales scaleFont Font of the scale Returns: height for horizontal, width for vertical scales void QwtScaleWidget::drawTitle (QPainter *painter, QwtScaleDraw::Alignmentalign, const QRect &rect) const Rotate and paint a title according to its position into a given rectangle. Parameters: painter Painter align Alignment rect Bounding rectangle int QwtScaleWidget::endBorderDist () const Returns: end border distance See also: setBorderDist() void QwtScaleWidget::getBorderDistHint (int &start, int &end) const Calculate a hint for the border distances. This member function calculates the distance of the scale's endpoints from the widget borders which is required for the mark labels to fit into the widget. The maximum of this distance an the minimum border distance is returned. Warning: o The minimum border distance depends on the font. See also: setMinBorderDist(), getMinBorderDist(), setBorderDist() void QwtScaleWidget::getMinBorderDist (int &start, int &end) const Get the minimum value for the distances of the scale's endpoints from the widget borders. See also: setMinBorderDist(), getBorderDistHint() int QwtScaleWidget::margin () const Returns: margin See also: setMargin() QSize QwtScaleWidget::minimumSizeHint () const [virtual] Returns: a minimum size hint int QwtScaleWidget::penWidth () const Returns: Scale pen width See also: setPenWidth() void QwtScaleWidget::scaleChange () [protected] Notify a change of the scale. This virtual function can be overloaded by derived classes. The default implementation updates the geometry and repaints the widget. const QwtScaleDraw * QwtScaleWidget::scaleDraw () const scaleDraw of this scale See also: setScaleDraw(), QwtScaleDraw::setScaleDraw() QwtScaleDraw * QwtScaleWidget::scaleDraw () scaleDraw of this scale See also: QwtScaleDraw::setScaleDraw() void QwtScaleWidget::setAlignment (QwtScaleDraw::Alignmentalignment) Change the alignment Parameters: alignment New alignment See also: alignment() void QwtScaleWidget::setBorderDist (intdist1, intdist2) Specify distances of the scale's endpoints from the widget's borders. The actual borders will never be less than minimum border distance. Parameters: dist1 Left or top Distance dist2 Right or bottom distance See also: borderDist() void QwtScaleWidget::setLabelAlignment (Qt::Alignmentalignment) Change the alignment for the labels. See also: QwtScaleDraw::setLabelAlignment(), setLabelRotation() void QwtScaleWidget::setLabelRotation (doublerotation) Change the rotation for the labels. See QwtScaleDraw::setLabelRotation(). Parameters: rotation Rotation See also: QwtScaleDraw::setLabelRotation(), setLabelFlags() void QwtScaleWidget::setMargin (intmargin) Specify the margin to the colorBar/base line. Parameters: margin Margin See also: margin() void QwtScaleWidget::setMinBorderDist (intstart, intend) Set a minimum value for the distances of the scale's endpoints from the widget borders. This is useful to avoid that the scales are 'jumping', when the tick labels or their positions change often. Parameters: start Minimum for the start border end Minimum for the end border See also: getMinBorderDist(), getBorderDistHint() void QwtScaleWidget::setPenWidth (intwidth) Specify the width of the scale pen. Parameters: width Pen width See also: penWidth() void QwtScaleWidget::setScaleDiv (QwtScaleTransformation *transformation, const QwtScaleDiv &scaleDiv) Assign a scale division. The scale division determines where to set the tick marks. Parameters: transformation Transformation, needed to translate between scale and pixal values scaleDiv Scale Division See also: For more information about scale divisions, see QwtScaleDiv. void QwtScaleWidget::setScaleDraw (QwtScaleDraw *sd) Set a scale draw sd has to be created with new and will be deleted in ~QwtScaleWidget() or the next call of setScaleDraw(). Parameters: sd ScaleDraw object See also: scaleDraw() void QwtScaleWidget::setSpacing (intspacing) Specify the distance between color bar, scale and title. Parameters: spacing Spacing See also: spacing() void QwtScaleWidget::setTitle (const QString &title) Give title new text contents Parameters: title New title See also: title(), setTitle(const QwtText &); void QwtScaleWidget::setTitle (const QwtText &title) Give title new text contents Parameters: title New title See also: title() Warning: The title flags are interpreted in direction of the label, AlignTop, AlignBottom can't be set as the title will always be aligned to the scale. QSize QwtScaleWidget::sizeHint () const [virtual] Returns: a size hint int QwtScaleWidget::spacing () const Returns: distance between scale and title See also: setMargin() int QwtScaleWidget::startBorderDist () const Returns: start border distance See also: setBorderDist() QwtText QwtScaleWidget::title () const Returns: title See also: setTitle() int QwtScaleWidget::titleHeightForWidth (intwidth) const Find the height of the title for a given width. Parameters: width Width Returns: height Height Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for Qwt User's Guide from the source code. Version 5.2.3 Tue Nov 20 2012 QwtScaleWidget(3)

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