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QwtPlotMarker(3)               Qwt User's Guide               QwtPlotMarker(3)


QwtPlotMarker -


#include <qwt_plot_marker.h> Inherits QwtPlotItem. Public Types enum LineStyle { NoLine, HLine, VLine, Cross } Public Member Functions QwtPlotMarker () virtual ~QwtPlotMarker () virtual QwtDoubleRect boundingRect () const virtual void draw (QPainter *p, const QwtScaleMap &xMap, const QwtScaleMap &yMap, const QRect &) const QwtText label () const Qt::Alignment labelAlignment () const Qt::Orientation labelOrientation () const const QPen & linePen () const LineStyle lineStyle () const virtual int rtti () const void setLabel (const QwtText &) void setLabelAlignment (Qt::Alignment) void setLabelOrientation (Qt::Orientation) void setLinePen (const QPen &p) void setLineStyle (LineStyle st) void setSpacing (int) void setSymbol (const QwtSymbol &s) void setValue (double, double) void setValue (const QwtDoublePoint &) void setXValue (double) void setYValue (double) int spacing () const const QwtSymbol & symbol () const QwtDoublePoint value () const double xValue () const double yValue () const Protected Member Functions void drawAt (QPainter *, const QRect &, const QPoint &) const Detailed Description A class for drawing markers. A marker can be a horizontal line, a vertical line, a symbol, a label or any combination of them, which can be drawn around a center point inside a bounding rectangle. The QwtPlotMarker::setSymbol() member assigns a symbol to the marker. The symbol is drawn at the specified point. With QwtPlotMarker::setLabel(), a label can be assigned to the marker. The QwtPlotMarker::setLabelAlignment() member specifies where the label is drawn. All the Align*-constants in Qt::AlignmentFlags (see Qt documentation) are valid. The interpretation of the alignment depends on the marker's line style. The alignment refers to the center point of the marker, which means, for example, that the label would be printed left above the center point if the alignment was set to AlignLeft|AlignTop. Member Enumeration Documentation enum QwtPlotMarker::LineStyle Line styles. See also: setLineStyle(), lineStyle() Member Function Documentation QwtDoubleRect QwtPlotMarker::boundingRect () const [virtual] Returns: An invalid bounding rect: QwtDoubleRect(1.0, 1.0, -2.0, -2.0) Reimplemented from QwtPlotItem. void QwtPlotMarker::draw (QPainter *painter, const QwtScaleMap &xMap, const QwtScaleMap &yMap, const QRect &canvasRect) const [virtual] Draw the marker Parameters: painter Painter xMap x Scale Map yMap y Scale Map canvasRect Contents rect of the canvas in painter coordinates Implements QwtPlotItem. void QwtPlotMarker::drawAt (QPainter *painter, const QRect &canvasRect, const QPoint &pos) const [protected] Draw the marker at a specific position Parameters: painter Painter canvasRect Contents rect of the canvas in painter coordinates pos Position of the marker in painter coordinates QwtText QwtPlotMarker::label () const Returns: the label See also: setLabel() Qt::Alignment QwtPlotMarker::labelAlignment () const Returns: the label alignment See also: setLabelAlignment(), setLabelOrientation() Qt::Orientation QwtPlotMarker::labelOrientation () const Returns: the label orientation See also: setLabelOrientation(), labelAlignment() const QPen & QwtPlotMarker::linePen () const Returns: the line pen See also: setLinePen() QwtPlotMarker::LineStyle QwtPlotMarker::lineStyle () const Returns: the line style See also: For a description of line styles, see QwtPlotMarker::setLineStyle() int QwtPlotMarker::rtti () const [virtual] Returns: QwtPlotItem::Rtti_PlotMarker Reimplemented from QwtPlotItem. void QwtPlotMarker::setLabel (const QwtText &label) Set the label. Parameters: label label text See also: label() void QwtPlotMarker::setLabelAlignment (Qt::Alignmentalign) Set the alignment of the label. In case of QwtPlotMarker::HLine the alignment is relative to the y position of the marker, but the horizontal flags correspond to the canvas rectangle. In case of QwtPlotMarker::VLine the alignment is relative to the x position of the marker, but the vertical flags correspond to the canvas rectangle. In all other styles the alignment is relative to the marker's position. Parameters: align Alignment. A combination of AlignTop, AlignBottom, AlignLeft, AlignRight, AlignCenter, AlgnHCenter, AlignVCenter. See also: labelAlignment(), labelOrientation() void QwtPlotMarker::setLabelOrientation (Qt::Orientationorientation) Set the orientation of the label. When orientation is Qt::Vertical the label is rotated by 90.0 degrees ( from bottom to top ). Parameters: orientation Orientation of the label See also: labelOrientation(), setLabelAlignment() void QwtPlotMarker::setLinePen (const QPen &pen) Specify a pen for the line. The width of non cosmetic pens is scaled according to the resolution of the paint device. Parameters: pen New pen See also: linePen(), QwtPainter::scaledPen() void QwtPlotMarker::setLineStyle (QwtPlotMarker::LineStylest) Set the line style. Parameters: st Line style. Can be one of QwtPlotMarker::NoLine, HLine, VLine or Cross See also: lineStyle() void QwtPlotMarker::setSpacing (intspacing) Set the spacing. When the label is not centered on the marker position, the spacing is the distance between the position and the label. Parameters: spacing Spacing See also: spacing(), setLabelAlignment() void QwtPlotMarker::setSymbol (const QwtSymbol &s) Assign a symbol. Parameters: s New symbol See also: symbol() int QwtPlotMarker::spacing () const Returns: the spacing See also: setSpacing() const QwtSymbol & QwtPlotMarker::symbol () const Returns: the symbol See also: setSymbol(), QwtSymbol Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for Qwt User's Guide from the source code. Version 5.2.3 Tue Nov 20 2012 QwtPlotMarker(3)

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