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QwtLegendItemManager(3)        Qwt User's Guide        QwtLegendItemManager(3)


QwtLegendItemManager -


#include <qwt_legend_itemmanager.h> Inherited by QwtPlotItem. Public Member Functions QwtLegendItemManager () virtual ~QwtLegendItemManager () virtual QWidget * legendItem () const =0 virtual void updateLegend (QwtLegend *legend) const =0 Detailed Description Abstract API to bind plot items to the legend. Member Function Documentation virtual QWidget* QwtLegendItemManager::legendItem () const [pure virtual] Allocate the widget that represents the item on the legend Returns: Allocated widget See also: updateLegend() QwtLegend() Implemented in QwtPlotItem. virtual void QwtLegendItemManager::updateLegend (QwtLegend *legend) const [pure virtual] Update the widget that represents the item on the legend Parameters: legend Legend See also: legendItem() Implemented in QwtPlotCurve, and QwtPlotItem. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for Qwt User's Guide from the source code. Version 5.2.3 Tue Nov 20 2012 QwtLegendItemManager(3)

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