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QwtLegend -


#include <qwt_legend.h> Public Types enum LegendDisplayPolicy { NoIdentifier = 0, FixedIdentifier = 1, AutoIdentifier = 2 } enum LegendItemMode { ReadOnlyItem, ClickableItem, CheckableItem } Public Member Functions QwtLegend (QWidget *parent=NULL) virtual ~QwtLegend () void clear () QWidget * contentsWidget () const QWidget * contentsWidget () const LegendDisplayPolicy displayPolicy () const virtual bool eventFilter (QObject *, QEvent *) QWidget * find (const QwtLegendItemManager *) const QwtLegendItemManager * find (const QWidget *) const virtual int heightForWidth (int w) const QScrollBar * horizontalScrollBar () const int identifierMode () const void insert (const QwtLegendItemManager *, QWidget *) bool isEmpty () const uint itemCount () const LegendItemMode itemMode () const virtual QList< QWidget * > legendItems () const void remove (const QwtLegendItemManager *) void setDisplayPolicy (LegendDisplayPolicy policy, int mode) void setItemMode (LegendItemMode) virtual QSize sizeHint () const QScrollBar * verticalScrollBar () const Protected Member Functions virtual void layoutContents () virtual void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *) Detailed Description The legend widget. The QwtLegend widget is a tabular arrangement of legend items. Legend items might be any type of widget, but in general they will be a QwtLegendItem. See also: QwtLegendItem, QwtLegendItemManager QwtPlot Member Enumeration Documentation enum QwtLegend::LegendDisplayPolicy Display policy. .IP "o" 2 NoIdentifier The client code is responsible how to display of each legend item. The Qwt library will not interfere. o FixedIdentifier All legend items are displayed with the QwtLegendItem::IdentifierMode to be passed in 'mode'. o AutoIdentifier Each legend item is displayed with a mode that is a bitwise or of o QwtLegendItem::ShowLine (if its curve is drawn with a line) and o QwtLegendItem::ShowSymbol (if its curve is drawn with symbols) and o QwtLegendItem::ShowText (if the has a title). Default is AutoIdentifier. See also: setDisplayPolicy(), displayPolicy(), QwtLegendItem::IdentifierMode enum QwtLegend::LegendItemMode Interaction mode for the legend items. .IP "o" 2 ReadOnlyItem The legend item is not interactive, like a label o ClickableItem The legend item is clickable, like a push button o CheckableItem The legend item is checkable, like a checkable button Default is ReadOnlyItem. See also: setItemMode(), itemMode(), QwtLegendItem::IdentifierMode QwtLegendItem::clicked(), QwtLegendItem::checked(), QwtPlot::legendClicked(), QwtPlot::legendChecked() Constructor & Destructor Documentation QwtLegend::QwtLegend (QWidget *parent = NULL) [explicit] Constructor Parameters: parent Parent widget Member Function Documentation QWidget * QwtLegend::contentsWidget () The contents widget is the only child of the viewport() and the parent widget of all legend items. const QWidget * QwtLegend::contentsWidget () const The contents widget is the only child of the viewport() and the parent widget of all legend items. QwtLegend::LegendDisplayPolicy QwtLegend::displayPolicy () const Returns: the legend display policy. Default is LegendDisplayPolicy::Auto. See also: setDisplayPolicy(), LegendDisplayPolicy bool QwtLegend::eventFilter (QObject *o, QEvent *e) [virtual] Filter layout related events of QwtLegend::contentsWidget(). Parameters: o Object to be filtered e Event QWidget * QwtLegend::find (const QwtLegendItemManager *plotItem) const Find the widget that represents a plot item Parameters: plotItem Plot item Returns: Widget on the legend, or NULL QwtLegendItemManager * QwtLegend::find (const QWidget *legendItem) const Find the widget that represents a plot item Parameters: legendItem Legend item Returns: Widget on the legend, or NULL int QwtLegend::heightForWidth (intwidth) const [virtual] Returns: The preferred height, for the width w. Parameters: width Width QScrollBar * QwtLegend::horizontalScrollBar () const Returns: Horizontal scrollbar See also: verticalScrollBar() int QwtLegend::identifierMode () const Returns: the IdentifierMode to be used in combination with LegendDisplayPolicy::Fixed. Default is ShowLine | ShowSymbol | ShowText. void QwtLegend::insert (const QwtLegendItemManager *plotItem, QWidget *legendItem) Insert a new item for a plot item Parameters: plotItem Plot item legendItem New legend item Note: The parent of item will be changed to QwtLegend::contentsWidget() QwtLegend::LegendItemMode QwtLegend::itemMode () const See also: LegendItemMode void QwtLegend::layoutContents () [protected], [virtual] Adjust contents widget and item layout to the size of the viewport(). void QwtLegend::remove (const QwtLegendItemManager *plotItem) Find the corresponding item for a plotItem and remove it from the item list. Parameters: plotItem Plot item void QwtLegend::resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *e) [protected], [virtual] Resize event Parameters: e Resize event void QwtLegend::setDisplayPolicy (LegendDisplayPolicypolicy, intmode) Set the legend display policy to: Parameters: policy Legend display policy mode Identifier mode (or'd ShowLine, ShowSymbol, ShowText) See also: displayPolicy(), LegendDisplayPolicy void QwtLegend::setItemMode (LegendItemModemode) See also: LegendItemMode QScrollBar * QwtLegend::verticalScrollBar () const Returns: Vertical scrollbar See also: horizontalScrollBar() Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for Qwt User's Guide from the source code. Version 5.2.3 Tue Nov 20 2012 QwtLegend(3)

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