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QwtKnob -


#include <qwt_knob.h> Inherits QwtAbstractSlider, and QwtAbstractScale. Public Types enum Symbol { Line, Dot } Public Member Functions QwtKnob (QWidget *parent=NULL) virtual ~QwtKnob () int borderWidth () const int knobWidth () const virtual QSize minimumSizeHint () const const QwtRoundScaleDraw * scaleDraw () const QwtRoundScaleDraw * scaleDraw () void setBorderWidth (int bw) void setKnobWidth (int w) void setScaleDraw (QwtRoundScaleDraw *) void setSymbol (Symbol) void setTotalAngle (double angle) virtual QSize sizeHint () const Symbol symbol () const double totalAngle () const Protected Member Functions void draw (QPainter *p, const QRect &ur) void drawKnob (QPainter *p, const QRect &r) void drawMarker (QPainter *p, double arc, const QColor &c) virtual void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *e) virtual void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *e) Additional Inherited Members Detailed Description The Knob Widget. The QwtKnob widget imitates look and behaviour of a volume knob on a radio. It contains a scale around the knob which is set up automatically or can be configured manually (see QwtAbstractScale). Automatic scrolling is enabled when the user presses a mouse button on the scale. For a description of signals, slots and other members, see QwtAbstractSlider. See also: QwtAbstractSlider and QwtAbstractScale for the descriptions of the inherited members. Member Enumeration Documentation enum QwtKnob::Symbol Symbol See also: QwtKnob::QwtKnob() Constructor & Destructor Documentation QwtKnob::QwtKnob (QWidget *parent = NULL) [explicit] Constructor Parameters: parent Parent widget Member Function Documentation void QwtKnob::draw (QPainter *painter, const QRect &rect) [protected] Repaint the knob Parameters: painter Painter rect Update rectangle void QwtKnob::drawKnob (QPainter *painter, const QRect &r) [protected] Draw the knob. Parameters: painter painter r Bounding rectangle of the knob (without scale) void QwtKnob::drawMarker (QPainter *p, doublearc, const QColor &c) [protected] Draw the marker at the knob's front. Parameters: p Painter arc Angle of the marker c Marker color QSize QwtKnob::minimumSizeHint () const [virtual] Return a minimum size hint. Warning: The return value of QwtKnob::minimumSizeHint() depends on the font and the scale. void QwtKnob::paintEvent (QPaintEvent *e) [protected], [virtual] Repaint the knob Parameters: e Paint event void QwtKnob::resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *e) [protected], [virtual] Qt Resize Event const QwtRoundScaleDraw * QwtKnob::scaleDraw () const Returns: the scale draw of the knob See also: setScaleDraw() QwtRoundScaleDraw * QwtKnob::scaleDraw () Returns: the scale draw of the knob See also: setScaleDraw() void QwtKnob::setBorderWidth (intbw) Set the knob's border width. Parameters: bw new border width void QwtKnob::setKnobWidth (intw) Change the knob's width. The specified width must be >= 5, or it will be clipped. Parameters: w New width void QwtKnob::setScaleDraw (QwtRoundScaleDraw *scaleDraw) Change the scale draw of the knob For changing the labels of the scales, it is necessary to derive from QwtRoundScaleDraw and overload QwtRoundScaleDraw::label(). See also: scaleDraw() void QwtKnob::setSymbol (QwtKnob::Symbols) Set the symbol of the knob. See also: symbol() void QwtKnob::setTotalAngle (doubleangle) Set the total angle by which the knob can be turned. Parameters: angle Angle in degrees. The default angle is 270 degrees. It is possible to specify an angle of more than 360 degrees so that the knob can be turned several times around its axis. QSize QwtKnob::sizeHint () const [virtual] Returns: minimumSizeHint() QwtKnob::Symbol QwtKnob::symbol () const Returns: symbol of the knob See also: setSymbol() Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for Qwt User's Guide from the source code. Version 5.2.3 Tue Nov 20 2012 QwtKnob(3)

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