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QwtCompass -


#include <qwt_compass.h> Inherits QwtDial. Public Member Functions QwtCompass (QWidget *parent=NULL) virtual ~QwtCompass () const QMap< double, QString > & labelMap () const QMap< double, QString > & labelMap () const QwtCompassRose * rose () const QwtCompassRose * rose () void setLabelMap (const QMap< double, QString > &map) void setRose (QwtCompassRose *rose) Protected Member Functions virtual void drawRose (QPainter *, const QPoint ¢er, int radius, double north, QPalette::ColorGroup) const virtual void drawScaleContents (QPainter *, const QPoint ¢er, int radius) const virtual void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *) virtual QwtText scaleLabel (double value) const Additional Inherited Members Detailed Description A Compass Widget. QwtCompass is a widget to display and enter directions. It consists of a scale, an optional needle and rose. Note: The examples/dials example shows how to use QwtCompass. Constructor & Destructor Documentation QwtCompass::QwtCompass (QWidget *parent = NULL) [explicit] Constructor. Parameters: parent Parent widget Create a compass widget with a scale, no needle and no rose. The default origin is 270.0 with no valid value. It accepts mouse and keyboard inputs and has no step size. The default mode is QwtDial::RotateNeedle. Member Function Documentation void QwtCompass::drawRose (QPainter *painter, const QPoint ¢er, intradius, doublenorth, QPalette::ColorGroupcg) const [protected], [virtual] Draw the compass rose Parameters: painter Painter center Center of the compass radius of the circle, where to paint the rose north Direction pointing north, in degrees counter clockwise cg Color group void QwtCompass::drawScaleContents (QPainter *painter, const QPoint ¢er, intradius) const [protected], [virtual] Draw the contents of the scale Parameters: painter Painter center Center of the content circle radius Radius of the content circle Reimplemented from QwtDial. void QwtCompass::keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *kev) [protected], [virtual] Handles key events Beside the keys described in QwtDial::keyPressEvent numbers from 1-9 (without 5) set the direction according to their position on the num pad. See also: isReadOnly() Reimplemented from QwtDial. const QMap< double, QString > & QwtCompass::labelMap () const Returns: map, mapping values to labels See also: setLabelMap() QMap< double, QString > & QwtCompass::labelMap () Returns: map, mapping values to labels See also: setLabelMap() const QwtCompassRose * QwtCompass::rose () const Returns: rose See also: setRose() QwtCompassRose * QwtCompass::rose () Returns: rose See also: setRose() QwtText QwtCompass::scaleLabel (doublevalue) const [protected], [virtual] Map a value to a corresponding label Parameters: value Value that will be mapped Returns: Label, or QString::null label() looks in a map for a corresponding label for value or return an null text. See also: labelMap(), setLabelMap() Reimplemented from QwtDial. void QwtCompass::setLabelMap (const QMap< double, QString > &map) Set a map, mapping values to labels. Parameters: map value to label map The values of the major ticks are found by looking into this map. The default map consists of the labels N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW. Warning: The map will have no effect for values that are no major tick values. Major ticks can be changed by QwtScaleDraw::setScale See also: labelMap(), scaleDraw(), setScale() void QwtCompass::setRose (QwtCompassRose *rose) Set a rose for the compass Parameters: rose Compass rose Warning: The rose will be deleted, when a different rose is set or in ~QwtCompass See also: rose() Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for Qwt User's Guide from the source code. Version 5.2.3 Tue Nov 20 2012 QwtCompass(3)

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