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QwtCPointerData(3)             Qwt User's Guide             QwtCPointerData(3)


QwtCPointerData -


#include <qwt_data.h> Inherits QwtData. Public Member Functions QwtCPointerData (const double *x, const double *y, size_t size) virtual QwtDoubleRect boundingRect () const virtual QwtData * copy () const QwtCPointerData & operator= (const QwtCPointerData &) virtual size_t size () const virtual double x (size_t i) const const double * xData () const virtual double y (size_t i) const const double * yData () const Additional Inherited Members Detailed Description Data class containing two pointers to memory blocks of doubles. Constructor & Destructor Documentation QwtCPointerData::QwtCPointerData (const double *x, const double *y, size_tsize) Constructor Parameters: x Array of x values y Array of y values size Size of the x and y arrays Warning: The programmer must assure that the memory blocks referenced by the pointers remain valid during the lifetime of the QwtPlotCPointer object. See also: QwtPlotCurve::setData(), QwtPlotCurve::setRawData() Member Function Documentation QwtDoubleRect QwtCPointerData::boundingRect () const [virtual] Returns the bounding rectangle of the data. If there is no bounding rect, like for empty data the rectangle is invalid: QwtDoubleRect::isValid() == false Reimplemented from QwtData. QwtData * QwtCPointerData::copy () const [virtual] Returns: Pointer to a copy (virtual copy constructor) Implements QwtData. size_t QwtCPointerData::size () const [virtual] Returns: Size of the data set Implements QwtData. double QwtCPointerData::x (size_ti) const [virtual] Return the x value of data point i Parameters: i Index Returns: x X value of data point i Implements QwtData. const double * QwtCPointerData::xData () const Returns: Array of the x-values double QwtCPointerData::y (size_ti) const [virtual] Return the y value of data point i Parameters: i Index Returns: y Y value of data point i Implements QwtData. const double * QwtCPointerData::yData () const Returns: Array of the y-values Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for Qwt User's Guide from the source code. Version 5.2.3 Tue Nov 20 2012 QwtCPointerData(3)

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