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QwtAbstractScaleDraw(3)        Qwt User's Guide        QwtAbstractScaleDraw(3)


QwtAbstractScaleDraw -


#include <qwt_abstract_scale_draw.h> Inherited by QwtRoundScaleDraw, and QwtScaleDraw. Public Types enum ScaleComponent { Backbone = 1, Ticks = 2, Labels = 4 } Public Member Functions QwtAbstractScaleDraw () QwtAbstractScaleDraw (const QwtAbstractScaleDraw &) virtual ~QwtAbstractScaleDraw () virtual void draw (QPainter *, const QPalette &) const void enableComponent (ScaleComponent, bool enable=true) virtual int extent (const QPen &, const QFont &) const =0 bool hasComponent (ScaleComponent) const virtual QwtText label (double) const int majTickLength () const const QwtScaleMap & map () const int minimumExtent () const QwtAbstractScaleDraw & operator= (const QwtAbstractScaleDraw &) const QwtScaleDiv & scaleDiv () const QwtScaleMap & scaleMap () void setMinimumExtent (int) void setScaleDiv (const QwtScaleDiv &s) void setSpacing (int margin) void setTickLength (QwtScaleDiv::TickType, int length) void setTransformation (QwtScaleTransformation *) int spacing () const int tickLength (QwtScaleDiv::TickType) const Protected Member Functions virtual void drawBackbone (QPainter *painter) const =0 virtual void drawLabel (QPainter *painter, double value) const =0 virtual void drawTick (QPainter *painter, double value, int len) const =0 void invalidateCache () const QwtText & tickLabel (const QFont &, double value) const Detailed Description A abstract base class for drawing scales. QwtAbstractScaleDraw can be used to draw linear or logarithmic scales. After a scale division has been specified as a QwtScaleDiv object using QwtAbstractScaleDraw::setScaleDiv(const QwtScaleDiv &s), the scale can be drawn with the QwtAbstractScaleDraw::draw() member. Member Enumeration Documentation enum QwtAbstractScaleDraw::ScaleComponent Components of a scale o Backbone o Ticks o Labels See also: enableComponent(), hasComponent Constructor & Destructor Documentation QwtAbstractScaleDraw::QwtAbstractScaleDraw () Constructor. The range of the scale is initialized to [0, 100], The spacing (distance between ticks and labels) is set to 4, the tick lengths are set to 4,6 and 8 pixels Member Function Documentation void QwtAbstractScaleDraw::draw (QPainter *painter, const QPalette &palette) const [virtual] Draw the scale. Parameters: painter The painter palette Palette, text color is used for the labels, foreground color for ticks and backbone virtual void QwtAbstractScaleDraw::drawBackbone (QPainter *painter) const [protected], [pure virtual] Draws the baseline of the scale Parameters: painter Painter See also: drawTick(), drawLabel() Implemented in QwtScaleDraw, and QwtRoundScaleDraw. virtual void QwtAbstractScaleDraw::drawLabel (QPainter *painter, doublevalue) const [protected], [pure virtual] Draws the label for a major scale tick Parameters: painter Painter value Value See also: drawTick, drawBackbone Implemented in QwtScaleDraw, and QwtRoundScaleDraw. virtual void QwtAbstractScaleDraw::drawTick (QPainter *painter, doublevalue, intlen) const [protected], [pure virtual] Draw a tick Parameters: painter Painter value Value of the tick len Lenght of the tick See also: drawBackbone(), drawLabel() Implemented in QwtScaleDraw, and QwtRoundScaleDraw. void QwtAbstractScaleDraw::enableComponent (ScaleComponentcomponent, boolenable = true) En/Disable a component of the scale Parameters: component Scale component enable On/Off See also: hasComponent() virtual int QwtAbstractScaleDraw::extent (const QPen &, const QFont &) const [pure virtual] Calculate the extent The extent is the distcance from the baseline to the outermost pixel of the scale draw in opposite to its orientation. It is at least minimumExtent() pixels. See also: setMinimumExtent(), minimumExtent() Implemented in QwtRoundScaleDraw, and QwtScaleDraw. bool QwtAbstractScaleDraw::hasComponent (ScaleComponentcomponent) const Check if a component is enabled See also: enableComponent() void QwtAbstractScaleDraw::invalidateCache () [protected] Invalidate the cache used by QwtAbstractScaleDraw::tickLabel The cache is invalidated, when a new QwtScaleDiv is set. If the labels need to be changed. while the same QwtScaleDiv is set, QwtAbstractScaleDraw::invalidateCache needs to be called manually. QwtText QwtAbstractScaleDraw::label (doublevalue) const [virtual] Convert a value into its representing label. The value is converted to a plain text using QLocale::system().toString(value). This method is often overloaded by applications to have individual labels. Parameters: value Value Returns: Label string. Reimplemented in QwtDialScaleDraw. int QwtAbstractScaleDraw::majTickLength () const The same as QwtAbstractScaleDraw::tickLength(QwtScaleDiv::MajorTick). const QwtScaleMap & QwtAbstractScaleDraw::map () const Returns: Map how to translate between scale and pixel values int QwtAbstractScaleDraw::minimumExtent () const Get the minimum extent See also: extent(), setMinimumExtent() const QwtScaleDiv & QwtAbstractScaleDraw::scaleDiv () const Returns: scale division QwtScaleMap & QwtAbstractScaleDraw::scaleMap () Returns: Map how to translate between scale and pixel values void QwtAbstractScaleDraw::setMinimumExtent (intminExtent) Set a minimum for the extent. The extent is calculated from the coomponents of the scale draw. In situations, where the labels are changing and the layout depends on the extent (f.e scrolling a scale), setting an upper limit as minimum extent will avoid jumps of the layout. Parameters: minExtent Minimum extent See also: extent(), minimumExtent() void QwtAbstractScaleDraw::setScaleDiv (const QwtScaleDiv &sd) Change the scale division Parameters: sd New scale division void QwtAbstractScaleDraw::setSpacing (intspacing) Set the spacing between tick and labels. The spacing is the distance between ticks and labels. The default spacing is 4 pixels. Parameters: spacing Spacing See also: spacing() void QwtAbstractScaleDraw::setTickLength (QwtScaleDiv::TickTypetickType, intlength) Set the length of the ticks Parameters: tickType Tick type length New length Warning: the length is limited to [0..1000] void QwtAbstractScaleDraw::setTransformation (QwtScaleTransformation *transformation) Change the transformation of the scale Parameters: transformation New scale transformation int QwtAbstractScaleDraw::spacing () const Get the spacing. The spacing is the distance between ticks and labels. The default spacing is 4 pixels. See also: setSpacing() const QwtText & QwtAbstractScaleDraw::tickLabel (const QFont &font, doublevalue) const [protected] Convert a value into its representing label and cache it. The conversion between value and label is called very often in the layout and painting code. Unfortunately the calculation of the label sizes might be slow (really slow for rich text in Qt4), so it's necessary to cache the labels. Parameters: font Font value Value Returns: Tick label int QwtAbstractScaleDraw::tickLength (QwtScaleDiv::TickTypetickType) const Return the length of the ticks See also: setTickLength(), majTickLength() Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for Qwt User's Guide from the source code. Version 5.2.3 Tue Nov 20 2012 QwtAbstractScaleDraw(3)

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