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Tcl_OOInitStubs(3)          TclOO Library Functions         Tcl_OOInitStubs(3)



Tcl_OOInitStubs - initialize library access to TclOO functionality


#include <tclOO.h> const char * Tcl_OOInitStubs(interp)


Tcl_Interp *interp (in) The Tcl interpreter that the TclOO library is integrated with and whose C interface is going to be used. ______________________________________________________________________________


When an extension library is going to use the C interface exposed by TclOO, it should use Tcl_OOInitStubs to initialize its access to that interface from within its *_Init (or *_SafeInit) function, passing in the interp that was passed into that routine as context. If the result of calling Tcl_OOInitStubs is NULL, the initialization failed and an error message will have been left in the interpreter's result. Otherwise, the initialization succeeded and the TclOO API may thereafter be used. When using this function, either the C #define symbol USE_TCLOO_STUBS should be defined and your library code linked against the TclOO stub library, or that #define symbol should not be defined and your library code linked against the TclOO main library directly. The supplied configuration pre-supposes the former configuration, which is the only recommended configuration that will preserve forward compatibility with Tcl 8.6. It is strongly recommended that Tcl also be linked in stubbed mode if TclOO is.


stubs TclOO 1.0 Tcl_OOInitStubs(3)

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