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Munin::Node::Configure::PluginList(3)      User Contributed Perl Documentation


Munin::Node::Configure::PluginList - Loading and listing a collection of plugins


my $plugins = Munin::Node::Configure::PluginList->new( libdir => '/usr/share/munin/plugins/', servicedir => '/etc/munin/plugins/', ); $plugins->load('auto'); foreach my $plugin ($plugins->list) { # do something to each 'auto' plugin in turn }


new(%args) Constructor. Required arguments are 'libdir' and 'servicedir', which are the plugin library and service directory, respectively. load(@families) Finds all the plugins in 'libdir' that are in any of @families, and any instances of these plugins in 'servicedir'. lliisstt(()) Returns a list of Munin::Node::Configure::Plugin objects currently loaded, sorted alphabetically by name. nnaammeess(()) Returns the names of the currently-loaded plugins. perl v5.20.3 2016-02-19 Munin::Node::Configure::PluginList(3)

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