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Munin::Node::Configure::History(3)         User Contributed Perl Documentation


Munin::Node::Configure::History - Filtering plugins based on the version of Munin they were first distributed with.


my $plugin = Munin::Node::Configure::History->new( newer => '1.3.3', history_file => 'plugins/plugins.history', );


new(%args) Constructor. The 'history_file' argument is required, and should be the path to the plugin history file. The 'newer' argument is optional, and should be the version of the release before which plugins should be ignored. llooaadd(()) Loads the plugin history from history_file. Dies if 'newer' didn't match a valid release, or the file wasn't readable. too_old($plugin) Takes a Munin::Node::Configure::Plugin object. Returns false unless the plugin should be ignored, true otherwise (ie. if 'newer' wasn't set, the plugin is user-contributed, etc). perl v5.20.3 2016-02-19 Munin::Node::Configure::History(3)

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