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Munin::Master::Logger(3)                   User Contributed Perl Documentation


Munin::Master::Logger - Munin master's old logging routines


This module contains Munin master's old logging routines while we're switching to Log::Log4perl. It also sets up Log4perl according to our needs. Do not use "logger" when writing new code, use the Log::Log4perl :easy API. This module takes care of initializing Log::Log4perl at load time.


logger_open needs to be called once in the main program with one argument: The directory where the munin logs goes. The running programs name ($0) will be used as the log name (e.g. munin-graph.log). logger Do not use. logger_level Use to set the programs log level to debug, info, warn, error, or fatal. This corresponds to the log levels used in syslog, but syslog is not used for logging. logger_debug Set up DEBUG logging. Both STDOUT and the log file will receive DEBUG level output.


Munin master logging ported to Log4perl by Nicolai Langfeldt. Split out into this module by Kjell Magne Oierud.


GPLv2 perl v5.20.3 2016-02-19 Munin::Master::Logger(3)

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