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Itcl_InitStack(3)        [incr Tcl] Library Procedures       Itcl_InitStack(3)

See the file man.macros.


Itcl_InitStack, Itcl_DeleteStack, Itcl_PushStack, Itcl_PopStack, Itcl_PeekStack, Itcl_GetStackValue, Itcl_GetStackSize - Manipulate an Itcl stack object.


#include <itcl.h> int Itcl_InitStack(stack) int Itcl_DeleteStack(stack) int Itcl_PushStack(cdata, stack) ClientData Itcl_PopStack(stack) ClientData Itcl_PeekStack(stack) ClientData Itcl_GetStackValue(stack, pos) int Itcl_GetStackSize(stack)


Stack info structure. position in stack order from the top. Arbitrary one-word value to save in the stack.


Itcl_InitStack initializes a stack structure and Itcl_DeleteStack deletes it. Itcl_PushStack pushes the cdata value onto the stack. Itcl_PopStack removes and returns the top most cdata value. Itcl_PeekStack returns the top most value, but does not remove it. Itcl_GetStackValue gets a value at some index within the stack. Index "0" is the first value pushed onto the stack. Itcl_GetStackSize returns the count of entries on the stack.


stack itcl 3.0 Itcl_InitStack(3)

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