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HPL_sum(3)                   HPL Library Functions                  HPL_sum(3)


HPL_sum - Combine (sum) two buffers.


#include "hpl.h" void HPL_sum( const int N, const void * IN, void * INOUT, const HPL_T_TYPE DTYPE );


HPL_sum combines (sum) two buffers.


N (input) const int On entry, N specifies the length of the buffers to be combined. N must be at least zero. IN (input) const void * On entry, IN points to the input-only buffer to be combined. INOUT (input/output) void * On entry, INOUT points to the input-output buffer to be combined. On exit, the entries of this array contains the combined results. DTYPE (input) const HPL_T_TYPE On entry, DTYPE specifies the type of the buffers operands.


HPL_broadcast (3), HPL_reduce (3), HPL_all_reduce (3), HPL_barrier (3), HPL_min (3), HPL_max (3), HPL_sum (3). HPL 2.1 October 26, 2012 HPL_sum(3)

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