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Git::SVN::Memoize::YAMUser Contributed Perl DocumentGit::SVN::Memoize::YAML(3)


Git::SVN::Memoize::YAML - store Memoized data in YAML format


use Memoize; use Git::SVN::Memoize::YAML; tie my %cache => 'Git::SVN::Memoize::YAML', $filename; memoize('slow_function', SCALAR_CACHE => [HASH => \%cache]); slow_function(arguments);


This module provides a class that can be used to tie a hash to a YAML file. The file is read when the hash is initialized and rewritten when the hash is destroyed. The intent is to allow Memoize to back its cache with a file in YAML format, just like Memoize::Storable allows Memoize to back its cache with a file in Storable format. Unlike the Storable format, the YAML format is platform-independent and fairly stable. Carps on error.


See YAML::Any.


YAML::Any from CPAN.


None reported.


The entire cache is read into a Perl hash when loading the file, so this is not very scalable. perl v5.24.3 2017-11-28 Git::SVN::Memoize::YAML(3)

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