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Git::SVN::Fetcher(3)  User Contributed Perl Documentation Git::SVN::Fetcher(3)


Git::SVN::Fetcher - tree delta consumer for "git svn fetch"


use SVN::Core; use SVN::Ra; use Git::SVN; use Git::SVN::Fetcher; use Git; my $gs = Git::SVN->find_by_url($url); my $ra = SVN::Ra->new(url => $url); my $editor = Git::SVN::Fetcher->new($gs); my $reporter = $ra->do_update($SVN::Core::INVALID_REVNUM, '', 1, $editor); $reporter->set_path('', $old_rev, 0); $reporter->finish_report; my $tree = $gs->tmp_index_do(sub { command_oneline('write-tree') }); foreach my $path (keys %{$editor->{dir_prop}) { my $props = $editor->{dir_prop}{$path}; foreach my $prop (keys %$props) { print "property $prop at $path changed to $props->{$prop}\n"; } } foreach my $path (keys %{$editor->{empty}) { my $action = $editor->{empty}{$path} ? 'added' : 'removed'; print "empty directory $path $action\n"; } foreach my $path (keys %{$editor->{file_prop}) { ... } foreach my $parent (keys %{$editor->{absent_dir}}) { my @children = @{$editor->{abstent_dir}{$parent}}; print "cannot fetch directory $parent/$_: not authorized?\n" foreach @children; } foreach my $parent (keys %{$editor->{absent_file}) { ... }


This is a subclass of "SVN::Delta::Editor", which means it implements callbacks to act as a consumer of Subversion tree deltas. This particular implementation of those callbacks is meant to store information about the resulting content which git svn fetch could use to populate new commits and new entries for unhandled.log. More specifically: o Additions, removals, and modifications of files are propagated to git-svn's index file $GIT_DIR/svn/$refname/index using git update- index. o Changes in Subversion path properties are recorded in the "dir_prop" and "file_prop" fields (which are hashes). o Addition and removal of empty directories are indicated by entries with value 1 and 0 respectively in the "empty" hash. o Paths that are present but cannot be conveyed (presumably due to permissions) are recorded in the "absent_file" and "absent_dirs" hashes. For each key, the corresponding value is a list of paths under that directory that were present but could not be conveyed. The interface is unstable. Do not use this module unless you are developing git-svn.


SVN::Delta from the Subversion perl bindings, the core Carp and File::Basename modules, and git's Git helper module. "Git::SVN::Fetcher" has not been tested using callers other than git- svn itself.


SVN::Delta, Git::SVN::Editor.


None reported.


None. perl v5.24.3 2017-11-28 Git::SVN::Fetcher(3)

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