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FcPatternAdd-Type(3)                                      FcPatternAdd-Type(3)


FcPatternAddInteger, FcPatternAddDouble, FcPatternAddString, FcPatternAddMatrix, FcPatternAddCharSet, FcPatternAddBool, FcPatternAddFTFace, FcPatternAddLangSet, FcPatternAddRange - Add a typed value to a pattern


#include <fontconfig/fontconfig.h> FcBool FcPatternAddInteger (FcPattern *p, const char *object, int i); FcBool FcPatternAddDouble (FcPattern *p, const char *object, double d); FcBool FcPatternAddString (FcPattern *p, const char *object, const FcChar8 *s); FcBool FcPatternAddMatrix (FcPattern *p, const char *object, const FcMatrix *m); FcBool FcPatternAddCharSet (FcPattern *p, const char *object, const FcCharSet *c); FcBool FcPatternAddBool (FcPattern *p, const char *object, FcBool b); FcBool FcPatternAddFTFace (FcPattern *p, const char *object, const FT_Facef); FcBool FcPatternAddLangSet (FcPattern *p, const char *object, const FcLangSet *l); FcBool FcPatternAddRange (FcPattern *p, const char *object, const FcRange *r);


These are all convenience functions that insert objects of the specified type into the pattern. Use these in preference to FcPatternAdd as they will provide compile-time typechecking. These all append values to any existing list of values. FcPatternAddRange are available since 2.11.91. Fontconfig 2.14.2 27 1<?> 2023 FcPatternAdd-Type(3)

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