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FCGI_StartFilterData - fcgi_stdio compatibility library


#include "fcgi_stdio.h" int FCGI_StartFilterData(void);


Enables a FastCGI Filter application to begin reading its filter input data from stdin. In order to call FCGI_StartFilterData, the FastCGI application should have been invoked in the Filter role (getenv("FCGI_ROLE") == "FILTER"), and should have read stdin to EOF, consuming the entire FCGI_STDIN data stream. The call to FCGI_StartFilterData positions stdin at the start of FCGI_DATA. If the preconditions are not met (e.g. the application has not read stdin to EOF), FCGI_StartFilterData returns a negative result, and the application will get EOF on attempts to read from stdin. The application can determine the number of bytes available on FCGI_DATA by performing atoi(getenv("FCGI_DATA_LENGTH")). If fewer than this many bytes are delievered on stdin after calling FCGI_StartFilterData, the application should perform an application-specific error response. If the application normally makes an update, most likely it should abort the update. The application can determine last modification time of the filter input data by performing getenv("FCGI_DATA_LAST_MOD"). This allows applications to perform caching based on last modification time.


0 for successful call, < 0 for error.


FCGI_Accept(3) FCGI_SetExitStatus(3) cgi-fcgi(1)


Copyright (c) 1996 Open Market, Inc. See the file "LICENSE.TERMS" for information on usage and redistribution of this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES. $Id: FCGI_StartFilterData.3,v 1997/09/16 15:36:26 stanleyg Exp $ ()

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