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FCGI_Finish - fcgi_stdio compatibility library


#include "fcgi_stdio.h" void FCGI_Finish(void);


The FCGI_Finish function finishes the current request from the HTTP server. The current request was started by the most recent call to FCGI_Accept(3). FCGI_Finish allows an application to interleave other activities with the processing of requests. In an extreme case, an application would call FCGI_Finish to complete the current request before exiting, e.g. to reclaim leaked storage. In completing the current request, FCGI_Finish may detect errors, e.g. a broken pipe to a client who has disconnected early. FCGI_Finish ignores such errors. An application that wishes to handle such errors should explicitly call fclose(stderr), then fclose(stdout); an EOF return from either one indicates an error. FCGI_Finish frees any storage allocated by the most recent call to FCGI_Accept. See FCGI_Accept(3) for warnings against retaining pointers to this storage.




Copyright (c) 1996 Open Market, Inc. See the file "LICENSE.TERMS" for information on usage and redistribution of this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES. $Id: FCGI_Finish.3,v 1997/09/16 15:36:25 stanleyg Exp $ ()

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