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EZ_WidgetDispatchEvent(3)       EZWGL Functions      EZ_WidgetDispatchEvent(3)


EZ_WidgetDispatchEvent - dispatch an X event to the default event handler


#include <EZ.h> void EZ_WidgetDispatchEvent( XEvent *event) void EZ_RemoveEvent( XEvent *event)


event Specifies an X event.


EZ_WidgetDispatchEvent dispatches an X event to a widget's default event handler. The main event dispatcher invokes private event handlers first. If there are needs to invoke the default event handler first, the private event handler can do so by calling EZ_WidgetDispatchEvent first, then handle the event and call EZ_RemoveEvent when done. EZ_RemoveEvent event removes the specified event from the event queue. This procedure is intended to be used by a private event handler to prevent other event handlers to service the specified event.


EZ_EventMainLoop(3), EZ_ServiceEvents(3) EZWGL EZ_WidgetDispatchEvent(3)

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