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EZ_TreeSetCharacter(3)          EZWGL Functions         EZ_TreeSetCharacter(3)


EZ_TreeSetCharacter - specify the parameters to display a tree


#include <EZ.h> void EZ_TreeSetTreeCharacter(EZ_TreeNode *root, int type, int indent, int spacing, int drawbranch)


root Specifies the root node. type Specifies the tree type. Must be one of EZ_TREE or EZ_LIST_TREE. indent Specifies the indentation between a node and children nodes, in pixels. spacing Specifies the vertical spacing between neighboring nodes. drawbranch Specifies whether to draw a thin line between parent and children nodes. For EZ_TREE type trees, a value bigger than one indicates that the branches be drawn in zigzaged horizontal and vertical line segaments.


EZ_TreeSetTreeCharacter sets the parameters used to display a tree.


EZ_CreateTreeNode(3), EZ_TreeTraverseTree(3) EZWGL EZ_TreeSetCharacter(3)

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