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EZ_SetWidgetLabelString(3)      EZWGL Functions     EZ_SetWidgetLabelString(3)


EZ_SetWidgetLabelString, EZ_GetWidgetLabelString, EZ_GetWidgetLabelPosition - retrieve information about the textual lable on a widget


#include <EZ.h> void EZ_GetWidgetLabelString( EZ_Widget *widget) void EZ_SetWidgetLabelString( EZ_Widget *widget, char *str) void EZ_GetWidgetLabelPosition( EZ_Widget *widget, int *x, int *y)


widget Specifies an EZ Widget. str Specifies a string. x,y Specifies the return for the label position.


EZ_SetWidgetLabelString sets the textual lable of widget to the specified string str. Only the button-type widget support textual labels (label, buttons, menu-items and frames). EZ_GetWidgetLabelString returns the label string of a widget. One should not modify the returned data or it will corrupt the internal widget data structure. EZ_GetWidgetLabelPosition returns the coordinate of the starting position to render the textual label, relative to the upper left corner of the widget window. The returned value depends on the current geometry of the widget. If the widget is not viewable, it returns 0.


EZ_CreateWidget(3), EZ_GetWidgetGeometry(3) EZWGL EZ_SetWidgetLabelString(3)

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