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EZ_SetGradientBarValue(3)       EZWGL Functions      EZ_SetGradientBarValue(3)


EZ_SetGradientBarValue, EZ_GetGradientBarValue, EZ_SetGradientBarRange - set/retrieve the value of a gradient bar


#include <EZ.h> void EZ_SetGradientBarValue( EZ_Widget *gbar, float value) void EZ_GetGradientBarValue( EZ_Widget *gbar) void EZ_SetGradientBarRange( EZ_Widget *gbar, float from, float to)


gbar Specifies a gradient bar widget. value Specifies a float point number. from, to Specifies the range of a gradient bar. spin function f.


A gradient bar displays a smooth shaded color bar. The color bar is controled by up to 12 colors. A gradient bar behaves more or less like a slider, except it returns both a float point value and a RGB value. The scroll button on a gradient bar has 4 different styles. EZ_SetGradientBarValue sets the slider position of a gradient bar. EZ_GetGradientBarValue returns the current float point value of a gradient bar. EZ_SetGradientBarRange sets the range of a gradient bar.


EZ_SetGradientBarColors(3), EZ_GetGradientBarColor(3) EZWGL EZ_SetGradientBarValue(3)

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