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EZ_SetClientMessageHandler(3)   EZWGL Functions  EZ_SetClientMessageHandler(3)


EZ_SetClientMessageHandler - register a client message handler


#include <EZ.h> void EZ_SetClientMessageHandler( EZ_EventHandler handler, void *data)


handler Specifies a client message handler. data Specifies a client data to be passed to handler when invoked.


EZ_SetClientMessageHandler registers a client message handler to an EZWGL application. A client message handler is a procedure that handles ClientMessage events. Its primary function is to communicate with the window manager and other applications. The default client message handler handles only the message of type WM_PROTOCOLS/WM_DELETE_WINDOW. Here is an example of a client message handler that refrain the window manager from closing a dialogue widget window. Atom DeleteWindowAtom = EZ_GetAtom("WM_DELETE_WINDOW"); Atom WMProtocolsAtom = EZ_GetAtom("WM_PROTOCOLS"); void myClientMessageHandler(EZ_Widget *widget, void *data, int etype, XEvent *xev) { XClientMessageEvent *ev = (XClientMessageEvent *)xev; if(ev->message_type == WMProtocolsAtom) { Atom c = (ev->data.l)[0]; if(c == DeleteWindowAtom) { EZ_DisplayWidget(Dialogue); EZ_SetGrab(Dialogue); } } }


EZ_AddEventHandler(3), EZ_AddWidgetCallBack(3) EZWGL EZ_SetClientMessageHandler(3)

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