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EZ_SendMessage(3)               EZWGL Functions              EZ_SendMessage(3)


EZ_SendMessage, EZ_BroadcastMessage, EZ_ReplyMessage - send message to other EZWGL clients


#include <EZ.h> typedef struct { Atom messageType; /* message type */ int messageLength; /* message length */ char *message; /* the message */ int messageId; /* message Id */ int replyId; /* if request, the message id to reply */ int isReply; /* flag whether the message is a reply */ Window sender; /* sender's communication window id */ Atom senderClass; /* sender's class name */ Atom senderInstance; /* sender's instance name */ int senderIsSelf; /* is message originated from the myself? */ } EZ_Message; void EZ_SendMessage(Atom mtype, char *message, int length, int msgId, Window recipient, Atom rclass, Atom rinstance, int needReplay, int isReply) void EZ_BroadcastMessage(Atom mtype, char *message, int length, int msgId, int needReply) void EZ_ReplyMessage(EZ_Message *fromMsg, char *message,int length) void EZ_ReplyMessageR(EZ_Message *fromMsg, char *message,int length, int replyId)


mtype Specifies a message type. message, length Specifies a message and the length of the message. msgId Specifies a serial number. Serial number is local to each application so the sender has to keep track of it. needReply Specifies whether or not the recipient should reply the message. isReply Specifies whether or not the message is a reply to an incoming message. recipient, rclass, rinstance Specifies the recipient. fromMsg Specifies the incoming message. replyId Specifies a serial number for other clients to reply to.


EZ_SendMessage sends the specified message to the specified recipient. This function is rarely needed. This is the low level routine used by EZ_BoardcastMessage and EZ_ReplyMessage. EZ_BoardcastMessage broadcasts a message to all EZWGL clients. EZ_ReplyMessage replys an incoming message. EZ_ReplyMessageR replys an incoming message, requesting the receiver to reply with the specified message id.


EZ_SetDefaultMessageHandler(3), EZ_AddMessageHandler(3) EZWGL EZ_SendMessage(3)

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