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EZ_SSheetMakeChart(3)           EZWGL Functions          EZ_SSheetMakeChart(3)


EZ_SSheetMakeChart - make a chart from a spread sheet region


#include <EZ.h> EZ_Item *EZ_SSheetMakeChart( EZ_Widget *ssheet, int r1, int c1, int r2, int c2, EZ_SChartHandle handle, int kind, void *data, int cmod); typedef int (*EZ_SChartHandle)(EZ_Widget *ssheet, void *chart, int r1, int c1, int r2, int c2, int kind, void *data);


ssheet Specifies a spread sheet widget. r1,c1,r2,c2 col Specify the the upper-left and lower-right corner of a region. handle Specify a chart handle. kind, data Specify client data to be passed to chart handle. cmode Specified coordinate mode, either 0 or 1.


EZ_SSheetMakeChart creates a chart using the specified chart handle and the specified region. A spread sheet chart is a display FIG item. This function allocates and initializes a FIG item and passed it to the chart handle. The chart handle is responsible for actually making the chart. Once created, the spread sheet widget will track the defining region for the chart, when a cell in the region is modified, the chart handle will be invoked to update the chart.


EZ_SSheetGetActiveChart(3), EZ_SSheetDeleteChart(3), EZ_SSheetGetHighlightedRegion(3), EZWGL EZ_SSheetMakeChart(3)

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