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EZ_QueueLedAction(3)            EZWGL Functions           EZ_QueueLedAction(3)


EZ_QueueLedAction, EZ_RemoveLedAction - queue/remove an action for an LED widget


#include <EZ.h> int EZ_QueueLedAction(EZ_Widget *led, int type, int delay, int count, char *message, char *color) void EZ_RemoveLedAction(EZ_Widget *led, int id)


led Specifies a LED widget. type Specifies a symbolic LED action name. Must be one of EZ_LED_SCROLL_LEFT, EZ_LED_SCROLL_RIGHT, EZ_LED_SCROLL_UP, EZ_LED_SCROLL_DOWN, EZ_LED_SCROLL_CENTER, EZ_LED_SCROLL_CENTER_V, EZ_LED_SWEEP_LEFT, EZ_LED_SWEEP_RIGHT, EZ_LED_SWEEP_UP, EZ_LED_SWEEP_DOWN, EZ_LED_SWEEP_CENTER, EZ_LED_SWEEP_CENTER_V, EZ_LED_BOUNCE, EZ_LED_BOUNCE_V, EZ_LED_SHOW, EZ_LED_BLINK and EZ_LED_SLEEP. delay Specifies the time delay (in micro seconds) between two consecutive frames for this action. It is used to control the speed of scrolling. count Specifies the number of times this action is going to be completed. message Specifies the message to be displayed. If NULL, the most recent message will be displayed. color Specifies the color to be used along with the specified action. id Specifies the identifier of a queued led action.


EZ_QueueLedAction queues an action for an LED widget. The action will be executed at a later time. If multiple actions are queued to an LED widget, they will be executed sequentially (FIFO). On success, this function returns a unique positive integer that identifies the action. It returns -1 on failure. EZ_RemoveLedAction removes an queued action for the specified LED widget.


EZ_LedIsFree(3), EZ_SetLedBackground(3), EZ_SetLedOffPixelColor(3), EZ_SetLedFont(3), EZ_SetLedWidth(3), EZ_SetLedPixelSize(3), EZ_SetLedString(3), EZ_SetLedColorFunction(3) EZWGL EZ_QueueLedAction(3)

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