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EZ_OptionalEntryClearOptions(3)                                EZWGL Functions


EZ_OptionalEntryClearOptions, EZ_OptionalEntryAppendOption, EZ_OptionalEntryInsertOption, EZ_OptionalEntryDeleteOption - manipulate optional entry option list


#include <EZ.h> void EZ_OptionalEntryClearOptions( EZ_Widget *oentry) void EZ_SetOptionalEntryOptions( EZ_Widget *oentry, char **items, int *nitems) void EZ_OptionalEntryAppendOption(EZ_Widget *oentry, char *str); void EZ_OptionalEntryInsertOption(EZ_Widget *oentry",char*"str, int idx) void EZ_OptionalEntryDeleteOption(EZ_Widget *widget, char *str)


oentry Specifies an optional entry widget. items Specifies a array of string items. nitems Specifies the number of items. str Specifies one item. idx Specifies an index.


EZ_OptionalEntryClearOptions clears the list of options of an optional entry. EZ_SetOptionalEntryOptions sets the list of options for an optional entry. EZ_OptionalEntryAppendOption appends an item at the end of the option list. EZ_OptionalEntryInsertOption inserts an item at the specified position. EZ_OptionalEntryDeleteOption deletes the specified item from the option list.


EZ_SetEntryString(3), EZ_GetEntryString(3) EZWGL EZ_OptionalEntryClearOptions(3)

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