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EZ_MoveWidgetWindow(3)          EZWGL Functions         EZ_MoveWidgetWindow(3)


EZ_MoveWidgetWindow, EZ_ResizeWidgetWindow, EZ_MoveResizeWidgetWindow - change widget window geometry


#include <EZ.h> void EZ_MoveWidgetWindow( EZ_Widget *widget, int x, int y) void EZ_ResizeWidgetWindow( EZ_Widget *widget, int w, int h) void EZ_MoveResizeWidgetWindow( EZ_Widget *widget, int x, int y, int w, int h)


widget Specifies an EZ Widget. x, y Specifies the new window origin, coor is parent relative. w, h Specifies the new width and height.


EZ_MoveWidgetWindow moves the widget window to the specified new location. If successful, the widget remembers its new origin. Future scaling will have no effect on the location of the widget window, unless the EZ_FORGET_LOCATION attribute is set afterwards. EZ_ResizeWidgetWindow resize the widget window to the specified size. Unless the EZ_FORGET_SIZE attribute is set afterwards, the geometry manager remembers and honors the new size. EZ_MoreResizeWidgetWindow combines the previous two functions.


EZ_SetWidgetPosition(3), EZ_GetWidgetGeometry(3) EZWGL EZ_MoveWidgetWindow(3)

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