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EZ_GetWidgetUnknownData(3)      EZWGL Functions     EZ_GetWidgetUnknownData(3)


EZ_SetWidgetUnknownData, EZ_GetWidgetUnknownData, EZ_GetWidgetUnknownDataPtr - register/retrieve arbitary data to a widget


#include <EZ.h> typedef union { char c; short s; int i; long l; unsigned char uc; unsigned short us; unsigned int ui; unsigned long ul; float f; void *p; } EZ_UnknownDataType; void EZ_SetWidgetUnknownData( EZ_Widget*widget, int idx, EZ_UnknownDataType data) int EZ_GetWidgetUnknownData( EZ_Widget*widget, int idx, EZ_UnknownDataType *data_ret) EZ_UnknownDataType EZ_GetWidgetUnknownDataPtr( EZ_Widget*widget)


widget Specifies an EZ widget. idx Specifies a positive integer. data Specifies an entity of type EZ_UnknownDataType. data_ret Specifies the return for client data.


These functions attach client data to a widget. They are convenient (but a little dangerous) routines. They come handy when one wants to attach a few client data to a widget and does not feel like to create special data structures to handle them. EZ_SetWidgetUnknownData (re)allocates the storage allocated for client data and set the 'idx' entry to 'data'. EZ_GetWidgetUnknownData retrieves the client data stored at the 'idx' location. It returns 1 if the 'idx'th entry is available and returns 0 otherwise. EZ_GetWidgetUnknownDataPtr returns the array allocated for client data.


EZ_SetWidgetPtrData(3), EZ_SetWidgetIntData(3), EZWGL EZ_GetWidgetUnknownData(3)

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