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EZ_GetSelectedMenuItem(3)       EZWGL Functions      EZ_GetSelectedMenuItem(3)


EZ_GetSelectedMenuItem, EZ_GetWidgetReturnData - retrieve the selected item from a popup menu


#include <EZ.h> EZ_Widget *EZ_GetSelectedMenuItem( EZ_Widget *widget) int EZ_GetWidgetReturnData( EZ_Widget *widget) int EZ_GetWidgetReturnedData( EZ_Widget *widget)


widget Specifies an EZ Widget.


These functions are relevant only for menu-items, menus and menu- buttons. EZ_GetWidgetReturnData returns the return-value set on the last selected menu-item. In the case when no valid selection was made during the last menu popup, it returns -1. EZ_GetSelectedMenuItem returns the last selected menu item on a popup menu. If no valid selection has been made on the last popup, it returns NULL. When a menu is posted, its return value is set to -1. When a selection is made and the menu is unposted, the return value of the selected menu item is propagated to its parent (a popup menu). If the menu was posted by a menu-button, this return value is also propagated to the menu button. The selected item is propagated accordingly.


EZ_CreateWidget(3), EZ_DoPopup(3) EZWGL EZ_GetSelectedMenuItem(3)

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