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EZ_GetItemIntData(3)            EZWGL Functions           EZ_GetItemIntData(3)


EZ_SetItemIntData, EZ_SetItemPtrData, EZ_SetItemClientData, EZ_GetItemIntData, EZ_GetItemPtrData, EZ_GetItemClientData - set/retrieve client data registered to a display item


#include <EZ.h> void *EZ_SetItemIntData( EZ_Item*item, int idata) void *EZ_SetItemPtrData( EZ_Item*item, void *pdata) void *EZ_SetItemClientData( EZ_Item*item, int idata, void *pdata) int EZ_GetItemIntData( EZ_Item*item) void *EZ_GetItemPtrData( EZ_Item*item) void *EZ_GetItemClientData( EZ_Item*item, int *i_ret, void **p_ret)


item Specifies a display item . idata Specifies an integer. pdata Specifies a generic pointer. i_ret Specifies a return for the integer client data. p_ret Specifies a return for the pointer client data.


The EZ_Item data structure provides two fields for application to hook in application data to a item. One is of type int and the other is of type void *. EZ_SetItemIntData stores an integer in a item. EZ_SetItemPtrData stores a pointer in a item. EZ_SetItemClientData stores both the integer and the pointer client data. EZ_GetItemIntData returns the integer stored in a item. EZ_GetItemPtrData returns the pointer stored in a item. EZ_GetItemClientData returns both the integer and the pointer client data.


EZ_CreateItem(3), EZ_AddItemCallBack(3) EZWGL EZ_GetItemIntData(3)

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