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EZ_GetFancyListBoxSelection(3)  EZWGL Functions EZ_GetFancyListBoxSelection(3)


EZ_GetFancyListBoxSelection - retieve the selection in a fancy-listbox widget


#include <EZ.h> EZ_Item **EZ_GetFancyListBoxSelection(EZ_Widget *flistbox)


lflistbox Specifies a fancy listbox widget.


EZ_GetFancyListBoxSelection returns the selected item(s) in a fancy listbox widget. If no selection has been made, it return NULL. Visually, the selected node is displayed with a flashing border. There are two selection mode in a fancy listbox. In row mode, a row is selected at a time. A row usually consists of several items. In this case, EZ_GetFancyListBoxSelection returns an array of items. In item mode, an item is selected a time. EZ_GetFancyListBoxSelection returns an array (not NULL terminated) consists of just item.


EZ_GetFancyListBoxSelectionIdx(3), EZ_GetFancyListBoxItemUsingIdx(3) EZ_GetWorkAreaSelection(3),EZ_GetListTreeWidgetSelection(3), EZ_SetFancyListBoxData(3), EZ_SetFancyListBoxHeader(3) EZWGL EZ_GetFancyListBoxSelection(3)

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